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  • 3 responses when someone questions your cancer treatment decisions
    As a three-time cancer survivor, I get a surprising amount of questioning and comments about my cancer treatment decisions. From wondering why I didn’t do an aggressive (unneeded) surgery to input about my uterus (ha). Rather than get upset, I’ve learned how to respond to neutralize the conversation. Keep reading for 3 responses when someone
  • 5 tips to motivate you to exercise
    It’s no secret that exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy and strong. And that’s important to a long, fun life! (a goal, right?!) The good news is there are fun ways to motivate you to get started (and stay moving). Keep reading to learn 5 tips to motivate you to exercise! When I
  • Easing into the new year
    Happy New Year! I’ve had a great week easing into the new year! I worked on some new action plans, started trip planning and set positive intentions for what I want to focus on going forward. It’s a new chapter and also time to choose a new word of the year. Keep reading to learn
  • 25 simple joys to celebrate after cancer
    In the spirit of CELEBRATE as my word for 2022, I remind myself often to pause to celebrate certain things. This year has been special for many reasons. I celebrated 25 years as a cancer survivor. A LOT has happened in those years – good, bad and ugly. But overall, I celebrate being alive! So
  • 7 year-end health checks
    After clearing three cancers, I’m very proactive about staying health. That’s why I make sure to be up-to-date on important annual health screenings. There’s still time for you to be too. Keep reading for 7 year-end health checks that will help start the new year off well (no pun intended!)! I’m pretty protective of my
  • Charity wish lists help others
    During this season of giving, I find it really important to help others who could use some assistance. While donations of money are very helpful to nonprofits, many also have a list of needed items to support their programs or directly help individuals in need. These charity wish lists help others in many ways. Check
  • Five tips to fight insomnia
    Many people experience trouble falling or staying asleep during cancer treatment. Sometimes even after treatment ends. While there are various factors that may cause insomnia, lack of sleep can be frustrating and affect our daily lives. Keep reading for five tips to fight insomnia. Impact of insomnia Insomnia is a sleep disorder which causes one
  • More than a pink ribbon
    Beyond the washing of October in pink, Breast Cancer Awareness Month can highlight the importance of screenings and research. But also remember that breast cancer awareness is more than a pink ribbon. It is about women and men impacted by every diagnosis. Keep reading to learn how you can help make a difference in fighting
  • How your vote fights cancer
    The stark reality is public policy often plays a role in whether someone lives or dies from cancer in the United States. That’s why it’s so important to know how your vote fights cancer. Keep reading to learn how you can use your voice for positive change. My passion for cancer advocacy As a bone
  • Lessons from my London trip
    Happy 25-year cancer anniversary to me! I treated myself to a wonderful, memorable trip to London, England to celebrate living beyond cancer. As I walked along the River Thames on my last evening, I reflected on some lessons learned from my London trip. Reminders of enjoying life and taking chances on the opportunities in front