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  • Lessons from my London trip
    Happy 25-year cancer anniversary to me! I treated myself to a wonderful, memorable trip to London, England to celebrate living beyond cancer. As I walked along the River Thames on my last evening, I reflected on some lessons learned from my London trip. Reminders of enjoying life and taking chances on the opportunities in front
  • 4 ways to fight childhood cancer
    September is one of my favorite months for many reasons. Yes, it is my birthday month, which is super special as a three-time cancer survivor. But it’s also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, bringing attention to the thousands of children and teens impacted every year. I wanted to share 4 ways to fight childhood cancer so
  • Win a FREE Today I Choose gift set
    September is my birthday month and as a three time cancer survivor, birthdays are a BIG deal! To celebrate being alive, I’m giving away a special gift. Subscribe to this blog during September and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a FREE Today I Choose gift set! The Today I Choose gift set
  • Tips to strengthen your bones
    One of several side effects that I’m facing after breast cancer treatment is osteoporosis. It unfortunately developed from the post-treatment plan to minimize my recurrence risk. So I’ve been focusing on many strategies to combat osteoporosis and wanted to share tips to strengthen your bones. Cancer treatment’s impact on bone strength Unfortunately, many drugs and
  • Biking to support others facing cancer
    Another bike ride across Iowa is in the books! It was quite the fun, inspiring adventure to join Team Livestrong at RAGBRAI to raise funds for their cancer support programs. I have been so blessed with support through my three cancers that it’s always a joy and honor when biking to support others facing cancer.
  • 5 tips for choosing a new doctor
    I regularly brag about my amazing health care team. I’m so lucky to have a group of doctors committed to helping me stay healthy. Liking and trusting your doctors are critical to ensuring that you get the best care. Keep reading for 5 tips for choosing a new doctor. As a three-time cancer survivor, I
  • Resources for single cancer survivors
    A cancer diagnosis can be very overwhelming at any stage of life. However, being single during cancer can be isolating and bring unique and challenging circumstances. I have been single all three times that I cleared cancer so I know how hard and lonely it can be. That’s why I want to share resources for
  • The Gratitude Game
    In a world that’s wild and crazy, there is always something to be grateful for in our lives. You’re alive and reading this, right? That’s a lot to be grateful for today! But some days it might be hard to focus on gratitude when it seems like so much is going wrong. When I need
  • Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award
    WOW! I’m so humbled, honored and grateful to learn I was selected for the Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award from Alpha Chi Omega! This award “honors Alpha Chi Omegas who are working toward their dreams….to become the best versions of themselves. They are doing great things across the globe and down the street as difference makers,
  • Tips for overcoming cancer survivor’s guilt
    For many years after my dad’s death, I purposely ignored Father’s Day. It was a punch in the gut reminder that cancer took this amazing man from our lives. I also finally recognized I was suffering from survivor’s guilt, as many cancer survivors do. It took many years (and a great counselor) to finally accept