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  • The Gratitude Game
    In a world that’s wild and crazy, there is always something to be grateful for in our lives. You’re alive and reading this, right? That’s a lot to be grateful for today! But some days it might be hard to focus on gratitude when it seems like so much is going wrong. When I need
  • Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award
    WOW! I’m so humbled, honored and grateful to learn I was selected for the Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award from Alpha Chi Omega! This award “honors Alpha Chi Omegas who are working toward their dreams….to become the best versions of themselves. They are doing great things across the globe and down the street as difference makers,
  • Tips for overcoming cancer survivor’s guilt
    For many years after my dad’s death, I purposely ignored Father’s Day. It was a punch in the gut reminder that cancer took this amazing man from our lives. I also finally recognized I was suffering from survivor’s guilt, as many cancer survivors do. It took many years (and a great counselor) to finally accept
  • 25 ways to live strong after cancer
    The first Sunday of June lets us pause to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. It’s a time to recognize the 17 million cancer survivors in the United States, and family, friends, caregivers and others also impacted by the disease. This year’s celebration is even more special to me as I recognize 25 years since my
  • How to get started journaling
    I’ve always loved journaling. I find it relaxing to get my thoughts from head to paper. Writing in a journal comes in various forms for me, from recording travel experiences to releasing stress during cancer treatment to helping manage goals and ideas. There are so many great possibilities for a journal! This post will share
  • Today I Choose products promote inspiration
    I am SO EXCITED to share this special news – my Today I Choose products are now available! The Today I Choose products share affirmation messages to remind you that you can choose your attitude to bring ease, joy, courage – whatever you may need today and every day! The Today I Choose series is
  • This very special cycling jersey
    It’s an honor to share this very special cycling jersey with you. It’s a culmination of my journey of clearing three cancers, my family’s resilience when three of us faced cancer, a dedicated organization supporting those facing cancer AND celebrating life. Keep reading to learn more about this very special cycling jersey. A few weeks
  • 4 tips to get started volunteering
    Volunteering is an incredible way of helping others and supporting your community and neighbors. You may want to help others but unsure where to volunteer. In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, here are 4 tips to get started volunteering. The importance of paying it forward I’m a big believer that volunteering gets people out
  • Resources for young adult cancer survivors
    There is no good time to be diagnosed with cancer. Every stage of life is a big deal full of learning opportunities and so many possibilities. Being diagnosed with bone cancer at 21 was especially startling to me. Young adults are often ‘lost’ in the between stage of teens and adults. When I was diagnosed
  • One important lesson learned from cancer treatment
    A cancer diagnosis and treatment can teach you many valuable lessons, if you’re open to receiving those. As an osteosarcoma, melanoma and breast cancer survivor, I try to look for the positive outcomes from the hard obstacles I’ve faced. One important lesson learned from cancer treatment is to appreciate this day, today’s moments. When you’re