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  • Living in ‘and’ moments
    I’m often asked how I stay positive through so many life challenges. Clearing three cancers, a divorce and my dad’s death are certainly reasons to fall apart and be cranky. And I assure you that I’ve had those moments. But I’ve also learned the importance and beauty of living in ‘and’ moments. What are ‘and’
  • Why this breast cancer survivor avoids pink
    Confession time: I don’t love the color pink. Never have. And clearing breast cancer didn’t make me like it. If anything, it was the opposite, especially in October when the month is washed in the color. Keep reading learn why this breast cancer survivor avoids pink and how you can help fight breast cancer. You
  • Benefits of getting a massage
    One of my favorite ways to care for my body is through a massage. It is relaxing and helps my body release aches, stress and more. The best thing is that there are many benefits of getting a massage. Keep reading to learn why you should add this activity to your self-care routine. Caring for
  • Tips for dating after cancer
    Dating after cancer is a topic that I’m often asked about when leading workshops or mentoring cancer survivors. While I’m no expert at relationships and dating, I have gone on plenty of dates as a cancer survivor. So I decided to share tips for dating after cancer below. Dating as a cancer survivor I used
  • Benefits of barre workouts for bones
    Strong bones are a must for all of us. Unfortunately, cancer survivors face treatment side effects that can affect bone density and strength. Thankfully, there are things to do to help your bones, including weight bearing activities. There are many benefits of barre workouts for bones. Keep reading to learn why you should add barre
  • Five tips to manage grief
    For the past 19 years, this holiday week has been tough for me. My dad died from cancer 19 years ago this week. And for 19 years, my grief has ebbed and flowed. In that time, I’ve learned these five tips to manage grief so wanted to share with you. Growing up Independence Day was
  • Cancer taught me these 25 lessons
    June is an impactful month for me. Two cancer anniversaries for me. Days to pause in the hustle of life and reflect on the challenges I’ve overcome and the opportunities I’ve embraced. Today is one of those special days. Twenty-five years ago I finished bone cancer treatment. I was 22. I learned a lot about
  • Celebrate and support cancer survivors
    Today is National Cancer Survivors Day in the United States, a day to celebrate and support over 18 million cancer survivors. To celebrate life. And also raise awareness of challenges that cancer survivors face. I am celebrating today! I celebrate every day. It’s an emotional day for me. I am GRATEFUL and BLESSED every day
  • Four benefits of being outdoors
    I love the outdoors! Fresh air, trees and endless activities to keep you busy and having fun make the outdoors the perfect place to relax and unwind. There are also many health and well-being perks to spending time in the outdoors. Keep reading to learn four benefits of being outdoors. Nature’s strength help me through
  • Tips to manage menopause
    Human bodies go through many changes as they age. This occurs in both women and men. And every woman goes through menopause as she ages. Some are forced into early menopause due to medical reasons, like cancer. So today I’m sharing four tips to manage menopause. And to the men stopping by: don’t stop reading,