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  • Tips to manage menopause
    Human bodies go through many changes as they age. This occurs in both women and men. And every woman goes through menopause as she ages. Some are forced into early menopause due to medical reasons, like cancer. So today I’m sharing four tips to manage menopause. And to the men stopping by: don’t stop reading,
  • Buy the flowers
    Too many people put off doing things while they wait for the perfect moment or someone else. They wait and wait, until it’s too late. Keep reading to learn why you should always buy the flowers. What are you waiting for? A few year ago, a friend looked at a vase of fresh flowers on
  • Managing health concerns after a cancer diagnosis
    It’s been a long time since I fell down the rabbit hole of googling symptoms and getting sucked into the ‘it’s cancer’ head space. I don’t usually spend unnecessary energy on worry, but as a three-time cancer survivor, I’m not immune to the anxiety and concerns that many survivors sometimes face. I know other survivors
  • 6 benefits of water aerobics
    I recently had the opportunity to escape the cold Midwest winter to visit family in Florida. The sunshine and warm temps definitely felt good, especially on my body’s joints (I’ve struggled with inflammation from post-breast cancer drugs). My body always feels so good after this type of exercise class so I wanted to share 6
  • 5 questions to ask after a cancer diagnosis
    Facing a cancer diagnosis is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Hearing “it’s cancer” is a life-changing moment. Knowing what to ask after a cancer diagnosis can be helpful in deciding on treatment and more. Keep reading for 5 questions to ask after a cancer diagnosis. The top request I get from newly diagnosed cancer
  • Benefits of a morning routine
    Repetitive routines help set the tone for the day. And regularly starting your day on a positive note can help your mental, emotional and physical health. There are many benefits of a morning routine so keep reading to learn more. Start your day off right! Morning anxiety is a common issue for many people. I’m
  • Skincare tips during cancer treatment
    Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can cause numerous side effects. Our skin can especially be sensitive. Knowing how to care for your skin and being aware of products can help. Keep reading for skincare tips during cancer treatment. I’ve had sensitive skin my entire life. I even develop itchy rashes with adhesives (band-aids,
  • 3 responses when someone questions your cancer treatment decisions
    As a three-time cancer survivor, I get a surprising amount of questioning and comments about my cancer treatment decisions. From wondering why I didn’t do an aggressive (unneeded) surgery to input about my uterus (ha). Rather than get upset, I’ve learned how to respond to neutralize the conversation. Keep reading for 3 responses when someone
  • 5 tips to motivate you to exercise
    It’s no secret that exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy and strong. And that’s important to a long, fun life! (a goal, right?!) The good news is there are fun ways to motivate you to get started (and stay moving). Keep reading to learn 5 tips to motivate you to exercise! When I
  • Easing into the new year
    Happy New Year! I’ve had a great week easing into the new year! I worked on some new action plans, started trip planning and set positive intentions for what I want to focus on going forward. It’s a new chapter and also time to choose a new word of the year. Keep reading to learn