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  • Some truths about cold capping during chemo
    Five years ago, I learned I had to go through chemotherapy to help clear breast cancer. I thankfully had the opportunity to try to prevent hair loss through cold capping, which saved most of my hair. Awareness of this valuable resource is still growing so I want to share some truths about cold capping during
  • The benefits of journaling
    I’ve always loved writing. It’s no surprise that I found a career that allows me to write in various forms. Probably not a stretch to know that I also find journaling to be very therapeutic. And why not? There are many mental health benefits of journaling. I received my first journal from my parents when
  • Make a difference on World Cancer Day
    More than 20 million people worldwide will face a cancer diagnosis this year. Today is World Cancer Day, providing an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to make fighting cancer a priority. Keep reading for how you can make a difference on World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day is held annually to bring people
  • 3 lessons learned from Puerto Rico
    I’m writing this after a few days of rest to recover my recent trip to Puerto Rico! You know it’s a good trip when you need a rest after vacation! I kicked off my new year of abundance by celebrating adventure and exploring. My trip was amazing and provided 3 lessons learned from Puerto Rico.
  • Why you should choose a word of the year
    Another new year is here! I’m excited for the possibilities available in the coming months. And I’m excited for my new word of the year! It’s such a great way to anchor in on the theme and goals that I’m focusing on this year. Keep reading to learn why you should choose a word of
  • Reflecting on the year of ease
    My word of the year for 2023 was EASE. Selected as a reminder to myself to choose situations and opportunities that bring the most ease to my life. As the clock winds down on 2023, I’ve been reflecting on the year of ease. Keep reading to learn why reflecting on your year is helpful and
  • Why you should speak kind words to yourself
    Words matter. The words we say aloud can have an impact on who you’re speaking to. And the words we say to ourselves can be especially impactful. Keep reading to learn why you should speak kind words to yourself. Do you ever catch yourself being super kind and compassionate to others but when it comes
  • The Power of Choice to improve your life
    What will you CHOOSE today? This is a question that I ask myself daily. It’s an empowering awareness to know that you have the power of choice to improve your life. When I cleared my third cancer in 2019, it was shocking, heart-shattering, sad. 💔 The first week after diagnosis, I spent a lot of
  • Living in ‘and’ moments
    I’m often asked how I stay positive through so many life challenges. Clearing three cancers, a divorce and my dad’s death are certainly reasons to fall apart and be cranky. And I assure you that I’ve had those moments. But I’ve also learned the importance and beauty of living in ‘and’ moments. What are ‘and’
  • Why this breast cancer survivor avoids pink
    Confession time: I don’t love the color pink. Never have. And clearing breast cancer didn’t make me like it. If anything, it was the opposite, especially in October when the month is washed in the color. Keep reading learn why this breast cancer survivor avoids pink and how you can help fight breast cancer. You