Finding good in chaos

As a three-time cancer survivor, I can share with certainty that there’s been a lot of chaos in my life. Like cover your head, it’s coming in hot chaos. But surprisingly there’s also been good to come from chaos. Finding good in chaos surrounding us, or even inside of us, can lead to positive outcomes.

Why CELEBRATE is my 2022 word

Happy New Year! I’m excited to kick off a new year. It may just be a calendar flipping, but for me it brings hope and optimism of a blank page to write a new chapter. This year I selected CELEBRATE as my word of the year. You might wonder why CELEBRATE is my 2022 word?

I choose gratitude for another year

Wow, another year is coming to a close. 2021 brought mixed feelings, didn’t it? It started with so much hope that the pandemic would come to an end, thanks to vaccines and other science advancements, morphed into WTF is wrong with people and is ending with….well, that was interesting. But through all of the ups

Benefits of Hope

I’m going to be honest. This hasn’t been the brightest of holiday seasons. I feel a bit of emotions missing my dad extra this time of year. And I’ve been working through emotions related to clearing my third cancer and the side effects it brought, plus the frustration of the ongoing Covid pandemic, people’s lack

5 ways to manage holiday blues

The decorations are on display. Festive music plays. Gifts are being wrapped. The holiday season is full swing with good cheer. And yet, I admit to feeling the blues sometimes during this time of year. How about you? Keep reading to learn 5 ways to manage holiday blues. The holiday blues The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday

Travel tips from a cancer survivor

Travel is an important part of my life. I love to explore, learn about new cultures, history, nature and more. Between clearing my third cancer and then the Covid-19 pandemic, my travel plans were greatly disrupted. But, thanks to the Covid vaccine and like-minded friends who are ‘Covid conscious’ like me, I recently returned from

Honoring my dad’s memory

The first week of November is a little tough for me. My dad’s birthday is this week. Since his death from cancer many years ago, the ache of missing him never leaves, the tiny hole in my heart still empty. I miss everything that is him, even the faults. But every day I celebrate his

How a bike helped spread kindness

This past weekend was one of my favorite in a long time. Full of laughs, hugs, great conversations, a bike ride and helping raise awareness of and funds for important cancer support services. And intertwined through it all….kindness. From friends, family and strangers. Keep reading to learn how a bike helped spread kindness. The fight

Go beyond pink to fight breast cancer

If you didn’t know that October is designated as breast cancer awareness month, the slew of pink mixing in with fall colors may help you figure it out. And while it’s important to raise awareness of a cancer that affects one in eight women, it’s equally important to take action beyond wearing pink. Keep reading

Help me celebrate my birthday

After clearing three cancers, celebrating a birthday is a big deal to me. Truth is that I’m grateful for every day. Diagnosed with my first cancer at 21, I have now celebrated more birthdays as a cancer survivor. That’s pretty spectacular news! So as I celebrate another birthday, I’m focusing on celebrating being alive. And