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10 acts of kindness

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” ~ Etta Turner

That quote has always been one of my favorite guides in life. Being kind is pretty easy but sometimes life tosses challenges or circumstances that make us forget to be kind to ourself and others. I forget too. So in a time when the world can use lots of positivity, I thought I would share 10 acts of kindness to get us started.

Studies show that being kind to yourself and others, including strangers, increases happiness, love and maybe even your lifespan. What an easy opportunity to benefit yourself and others in a positive way! Here are 10 acts of kindness to help spread positivity to others:

Think of others.

Many of us are on stay at home orders through April or maybe longer. I know it’s hard to be told to stay home when you want to be active and social (side note: there’s a lot of confusion about these stay at home orders so I encourage you to actually read the executive order found on your state government’s website). But the more we all work together to fight this pandemic, the faster we can do these things again and more importantly, less people die. Think of who you’re helping, including your family and yourself, by staying home for a few more weeks. I’m happy to stay at home for a few more weeks if it means saving one person. How about you?

Offer to help someone.

If you’re going out for supplies or even food pick up, ask if you can help someone who is house bound, immune-compromised or just to limit the number of people in public. It’s easy to drop off supplies on a porch.

Be considerate when in public.

Make sure you keep your distance from others, cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, don’t take up entire walking or biking paths and just simply practice common courtesy. Please and thank you.

Share positive posts on social media.

There is so much negativity, complaining, misinformation and overreaction on social media these days (more so than usual). I encourage you to not be someone who perpetuates these heavy vibes onto others. Be thoughtful about what you share. You can help spread positivity on social media by joining in Livestrong’s campaign – check out the video below. Record a one-minute (or less) video about how you’re living strong and positively during this pandemic, post to social media, tag #livingstrong and Livestrong, and spread cheer!

Donate food, supplies and money if you’re able.

Food banks, churches, shelters and other organizations that help those in need are serving an influx of people due to the rise in unemployment and school closures. Many are seeking food and supply donations as well as volunteers. Consider making a financial contribution to a nonprofit if you’re able to. Many of these nonprofits have canceled major fundraising events and will most likely continue to do so throughout this year. This will severely impact their bottom line and possibly their ability to provide critical programs to others.

Tip generously.

If you’re getting restaurant food, curbside or delivery groceries, coffee in the drive-thru or anything else like that, don’t forget to tip the workers who make it possible for you to get things and stay cozy at home.

Invite someone to work out with you.

Many studios are offering free and low cost online classes including yoga, Zumba, pilates and more. Invite a friend to log on with you to participate in the class from your own homes.

Share if you can.

My friends, family and I have been messaging each other to check if anyone needs toilet paper, flour, chicken or any other supplies to get us through the next few weeks. Another friend said she and others swapped vegetable seeds to start growing their plants, while others are sharing puzzles and games (leaving on their porches for pickup without contact).

Send a card.

I love getting surprise cards in the mail and love sending even more. If you don’t want to go to the store or post office for stamps, you can buy online.

Pass it on.

In line at the drive thru? Consider paying for the car behind you. It’s a nice gesture and prevents another person from using cash or their credit card (helps prevent germs from spreading to/from the cashier).

Bonus: Be kind to yourself.

These are challenging times for everyone. Many people have never experienced the need to social distance or worry about their health due to being immunocompromised. It can be stressful for even the most positive person. So make sure you take care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. When I went through my third cancer last year, I shared ‘you do you’ tips that might be helpful during cancer or a pandemic.

These are just 10 acts of kindness – there are so many ways to spread kindness and we need it now more than ever. These are tough times for everyone. Let’s react with positivity. We’ll all be better for it. What other ways can we spread kindness? Share in the comments!

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