Being lost on life’s road

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is starting out on a great note!

Do you ever feel like you’re lost, not sure where life is heading, or what your next plan is? Maybe life has taken an unexpected turn, bringing challenges or even opportunities that you weren’t expecting? How are you reacting?

I’ve certainly felt lost or uncertain of an unexpected situation. Three cancer diagnoses, my dad’s death and a divorce can lead to a lot of uncertainty or ‘what is happening here?’ Plus a lot of little situations sprinkled in. But when I really reflect on my life, I can’t imagine where else I would be except at this very spot I’m sitting. Maybe that reflection helps me make sense of my journey and these seemingly negative situations in my life. Each one has certainly brought lessons and even moments of clarity, leading me to new roads that I might not otherwise have had the courage to walk.

What if we simply welcomed the feeling of ‘being lost’ or these unexpected circumstances with open arms? What if we asked what else is possible with the challenges we’re facing? What positive can come from these moments? And what if all of these unexpected moments are leading us down the very road we are actually meant to be on? Now that’s awesome!

Make it a great week, friends!

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