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20 social distancing activities

More and more of us stuck at home as the country, and world, battles coronavirus. It sucks, right? No one wants life to be disrupted but more importantly, no one wants people to die because we didn’t try to stop the spread. As a three-time cancer survivor, I’ve done my fair share of social distancing, even just last spring when I went through chemo. So I wanted to share 20 social distancing activities to help you pass the time, whether during treatment from cancer or another illness, coronavirus, surgery or something else.

We can do this.

Social distancing is a whole new world for most of society. But it’s not new for people in cancer treatment or facing any illness that causes immune suppression. I’ve been through chemo treatment twice. Chemo attacks the cancer and usually your immune system too. This causes white blood cells to falter, lowering your body’s ability to fight infection. It can be dangerous. During treatment for bone cancer, I unknowingly was exposed to the flu when my immune system was at its lowest. I was so sick that I was admitted to the hospital and almost ended up in the ICU. So when people say be thoughtful of protecting others (you never know what viruses you’re exposing people to), please do so.

Michigan starts a Stay at Home, Stay Safe executive order today for the next three weeks. I’ve hardly left my house the past week, trying to be thoughtful of not hanging out with family or friends so this new mandate may make me a little stir crazy. However, I’m committed to doing my part to help ‘flatten the curve’ to slow this spread and stop the deaths.

But I get it. Social distancing can be difficult. Feelings of isolation and boredom often arise when separated from family and friends. Keeping yourself busy helps!

Here are 20 social distancing activities to get started:

  1. Puzzles.
  2. Play games. Cards, board games, online apps.
  3. Reading. If your local library is closed, don’t despair. I use the Overdrive library app on my Kindle to access digital books from my library.
  4. Exercise. I shared in a previous blog ways to stay active while social distancing and many fitness studios and instructors are offering livestream classes.
  5. Get outdoors! Fresh air is vital to me and should be to you too. Go on a walk, ride a bike, meditate on the deck, enjoy coffee on the porch.
  6. Watch movies or binge watch a television series.
  7. Journaling.
  8. Trip planning. Yes, life will return to a new normal and we will travel again. I’m having fun researching London and other places on my travel to do list.
  9. Geocaching. This GPS scavenger hunt activity is a fun way to be active outdoors. Check out my blog on having fun with geocaching.
  10. Organize your house. OMG this doesn’t sound that fun, does it? But that linen closet or basement organization you’ve been avoiding? Um, am I the only one avoiding these projects? Perfect time to focus on it.
  11. Self care. Give yourself a facial or manicure, take a bubble bath.
  12. Crafts and sewing.
  13. Practice/learn an instrument.
  14. Learn a new language. There are great apps such as Duolingo to get you started.
  15. Host a virtual gathering – book club, happy hour, tea/coffee time, family dinner, so many ways to be creative!
  16. Cook a new recipe.
  17. Focus on some professional or personal goals.
  18. Garden. If you’re able to get outdoors (Michigan is on the verge of spring-like weather), clean the flower beds, pull some weeds, plant flowers.
  19. Learn to meditate. Social distancing and self-isolation can make you anxious, sad, frustrated. These techniques can calm your mind and emotions. There are many great guided meditations online.
  20. Host a dance party! Turn up the music and dance around the house – you can dance with others via a virtual gathering. Seriously, this is fun and releases a lot of pent up emotions!

What are some activities that are getting you through the days? Share some suggestions in the comments. We’re in this together!

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  1. Ou girl, you are so strong and brave! I really hope you will be healthy and live long and beautiful life! I am sure, you deserve it!
    Btw great tips! I am now watching movies, enjoying working on my blog and I also bought a puzzle! 🙂

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