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New year, new goals to keep me focused January 6, 2013

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Some words to help inspire me

Some words to help inspire me

Well, here it is. Another year. These new years always seem to creep up on me, even though I’m aware this is the cycle every year! One minute I’m enjoying sunshine and summer fun, the next I’m layering clothes to stay warm in the snow and putting up the Christmas tree.


While I’m not one to have New Year’s resolutions, I do like to set goals to help me stay focused on health, happiness and fun. I try to set realistic and achievable goals, including things related to key areas of my life – love, family, friends, career, health and fun. I’ve always been organized and a planner so setting goals works for me. Plus as life seems to be moving faster instead of slower, I want to be certain to always take time to enjoy the small stuff.


I’m working on a vision board to place in my home office as a reminder of what I’d like to accomplish in 2013 but here is a sneak peek for all of you. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to set some goals and create a vision board too.


Get a great job! This the big focus for me right now since I’m not working. While I’m still happy with the decision to make a career change, I honestly didn’t think it would take this long to find something else. I’m restless and antsy. Being a successful professional has always been a life goal so it’s important to get back on track. I’m very focused on finding something that utilizes my skills, making me feel fulfilled and like I’m making a difference in the world.


Sell two houses, buy a new house. We are so anxious to have a home that is ours, one with enough space for us to live in for years, easily entertain friends and family, and be a relaxing haven for us after long days at work. Our first big challenge will be selling both of our homes in a still-tough housing market. We found a realtor so focusing on lots of little projects to get done before listing either home.


Lots of adventures to be found on trails!

A monthly adventure with my husband! Whether we try a new activity or visit a new place, it’s important to ensure we continue to make time for our relationship and each other. I love experiencing new things with my husband – makes for lots of fun and many great memories. We have several great trips planned, some close to home and one big overseas. Can’t wait!


Be active outdoors. I really slacked this last year, hardly hiking or biking. I love these activities so my goal is to hike or bike weekly on the local trails. I’d also like to try snowshoeing while there’s snow on the ground, and canoe a few times this summer. We received some awesome new camping gear as wedding presents so we plan to check out our state parks. We’ll be looking for friends to join us so…hint, hint.


Be thankful daily. We all get so wrapped up in the chaos of life and society that sometimes life passes us by and it’s days or weeks between talking to friends or date night with your husband. I have so much to be thankful for in my life that I want to feel that gratitude daily. My goal is to make sure people know I appreciate them and let God know how grateful I am for the opportunity to still be here and all that I have in my life.


These are going to be used a lot this year!

Exercise at least three times a week. Good health and a fit body will always be goals and while I accomplish these fairly well, I can always do better. I love cardio but a commitment to weights needs to be achieved (a wedding certainly helped achieve toned muscles last year!). A big goal is to wean off of my favorite splurges, Dr Pepper and chewy candy (Swedish Fish, Mike & Ike, licorice)…..so have patience as this happens!


Write more. Last year I focused on increasing how often I blogged and increasing my followers/views. I really enjoyed this (and hope you all did too!). This year I want to continue to focus on my blog but also get serious about working on a novel I’ve been toying with writing for years. I’m blessed to have a very supportive husband who keeps encouraging me. So between a job, being a wife and having a social life, I decided my goal would be to work on the book at least weekly. It may not seem like a lot of writing but it’s a start and seems realistic to me, which is ultimately what matters.


Focus on saving more $. Who doesn’t want more money right? It’s a well-known fact that Americans are bad at saving money. I’ve done alright but I could certainly do much better. Now that I’m married and obsessed with buying a new house, saving money is a big focus. Since I’ve been out of work, I’ve been more conscious of where I spend money frivolously and how to cut costs in other areas. This should help me remain focused.


So those are my goals for this year. I didn’t make them too outrageous or lofty because I want them all to be achievable, which I believe they are. Each goal is important to me so should help keep me focused. I realize some of them, like getting a new job and selling/buying a house, can’t be totally achieved by just me, but I can take the lead and remain focused while asking for help from others. I like having goals. These will keep me motivated and ensure I have a fun, busy year!


What are some of your goals for this year? Are they achievable and fun?


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