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Making memories in Milford January 3, 2014

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Justin and I have enjoyed the holiday season, particularly the past week with a little more flexibility in our work schedules. We’ve been exploring local cities recently, landing us in Milford the other day. This town is in southwest Oakland County and the downtown, or Village, has a lot of charm packed into 2.5 square miles. I learned that the downtown area in Milford is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Great window displays greet shoppers in Milford

Festive window displays greet shoppers in Milford

We parked along Main Street with the intent to meander through the shops. Wow, it was cold! With a drop from 44 degrees on Saturday to 19 degrees two days later, we layered but the wind still nipped. We were happy to escape into the warm stores. Before you go, you will definitely want to check store hours before visiting. We were disappointed that at least four of the stores were closed. Another one had a sign on the door stating they’d be back later in the day but too late for us.


Our first stop was Nana’s Niche & Corner at the corner of Main and Commerce. The store was filled with charming home decorations and gift ideas (in fact I purchased a gift!). We continued through some other stores, including a few clothing and home good stores. I loved the variety of eclectic items found in Your Nesting Place Home Furnishings. The choices are so wide for new and consignment items. If you need some decorating ideas, check this place out. We stopped at the Aubergine Gallery, which sells items from local artists, including paintings, handbags, soy candles, jewelry, photography and more. The owner, Janine, was so nice – in fact we somehow started talking about Kauai, where she had just been in September (and where Justin and I might go this year!) so she gave us some good tips.


We also wandered into the Village Toy Shoppe, a small store filled with fun toys. I got caught up in the Playmobil options – a horse show, stable, trailer, saddles and more! Where were these amazing items when I was a kid?


You won’t go hungry while visiting the Village of Milford. Numerous restaurants fill Main Street. If you visit during the winter, have no fear – a Starbucks sits further north on Main to warm you up with coffee or tea.

Who doesn't like BBQ?

Who doesn’t like BBQ?

Justin is a huge barbecue fan so we decided to try Smoke Street Grill on Main. There are several craft beers on draft and a decent size menu offering a variety of barbecue foods. I had a chicken BBQ salad, which was really good. Justin tried the BBQ pulled pork and brisket. The corn bread side was awesome! Our server was attentive and polite. The only annoyance was the table next to us – a dad brought his three sons (probably 8-12 years old) and they all had their noses stuck to the their iPhones or iPad playing games almost the entire time, even the dad. They attracted the attention of most of the tables around us. Seriously, what’s up with our society that you can’t keep your electronics off the table during a meal to engage in actual, spoken conversation? Grrrr. I digress.


If you visit during the warmer months, Milford offers several parks with many activities available (six are listed within the Village limits!). Milford Memories is a juried art show with great art, food and activities for all ages that you should check out (usually August).


Milford has always been one of my favorite metro Detroit cities. I encourage you to visit if you have never or haven’t been in a long time.


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