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Be Happy Designs brings home goods to Etsy November 14, 2014


I can finally tell my faithful followers and readers why I’ve been slacking at blogging. It’s not because I’ve been sitting on my butt doing nothing. 🙂 I’ve been occupied with making things so I could open an Etsy shop!


IMG_2562_1Be Happy Designs is my creative outlet. From jewelry holders to wood letters to mason jar crafts and much more, there are many home decor items to choose from. My goal is to bring happiness to homes.

I’ve always enjoyed making craft projects, and the creativity that comes with those projects. I also am ready to move to a new house, so decided to make a few small home decor items. Well, those led to more ideas, more making, more creativity and soon I had so many items in the spare bedroom that I didn’t know what to do with them. I love the items you can find on Etsy so after researching the requirements for opening an online shop, I took the plunge!


IMG_2890_1Of course I’ll continue to add new items to the shop. Thank you for your support and patience. And please feel free to check out Be Happy Designs and/or share with others.


I wish you a day filled with happiness!




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