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Why charm bracelets capture my attention January 20, 2015

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charmbraceletI’m a sucker for sentimental, romance, and anything that invokes positive emotions and memories. That may be why charm bracelets have always had an appeal to me. There are so many styles of bracelets and thousands of charms available. Each charm can hold a special meaning to the wearer, and even the purchaser if it’s a gift.


One of my favorite bracelets was given to me by my two older nieces. The bracelet is more than 10 years old so they were little girls when I received it. The original charms they gave me were my initial H, “Aunt,” and a horse. Over time, I received several more charms from them and other family members. It’s a pretty bracelet, but it’s special because I still recall how excited they were when I opened the gift, how they had to point out each charm and why it was perfect for me. I still wear this bracelet, especially when I need a bit of luck and love surrounding me.


PandorabraceletMy husband once again spoiled me with the purchase of a Pandora bracelet a few months ago as a present for opening my Etsy store, Be Happy Designs. We chose the first charms together – a horse for my love of the animal, a horseshoe for good luck and a beautiful silver flower with a blue sapphire representing my birthday and our anniversary month. For Christmas, my brother-in-law added a pretty charm with a blue butterfly (these always signify new life to me). I love these charms as they each mean something special to me. Pandora makes lots of other pretty charms that I know will add memories to my bracelet over time.


Alex and Ani’s bangles are very popular now. I originally discovered this company because I wanted the Alpha Chi Omega bracelet to represent the sorority that brought me many fabulous girlfriends, fun times and happy memories. I’m still an active part of the local alumnae chapter so this present from my mom definitely is special.


banglebraceletsI used to think I had to wait for others to buy me charms for birthdays or Christmas but then realized that was silly. Why wait when there are some cool charms?! I recently discovered Alex and Ani made a bracelet for the Kentucky Derby so I had to have it – love that it’s now part of my collection!


I love wearing my charm bracelets and love when people ask me about each charm because every one has a story or memory it invokes. And I love seeing others’ bracelets. You can definitely learn facts about others by simply asking about their charms. Maybe that’s why I like this jewelry so much – another opportunity to engage with others in a happy way. And in today’s world, that’s always a positive thing!


Do you have a charm bracelet? What is your favorite charm and why?



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