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Essential oil recipes for a healthy, relaxing home & life April 30, 2016

For the past few years, I’ve been trying to transition into using more natural, safe products in my home and on my body. Using essential oils is one way to achieve this.


I started using essential oils after some digestive issues wouldn’t go away.  Medical tests thankfully kept coming back negative or inconclusive, however, I grew frustrated with my symptoms not going away. I had heard of many people using essential oils for various reasons but hadn’t paid much attention until a high school friend shared her experience with essential oils. I tried a few different oils, and admittedly, was surprised at the quick, positive response. My issues pretty much disappeared after regular use of a particular digestive blend for a few months (applying a few diluted drops to my abdomen area almost daily). Happy with the outcome, I expanded my use of essential oils to mood management and then began making household cleaning and beauty products, as well as items to help me relax. Not only are these items more natural than store bought items, they ultimately cost less too. Essential oils are potent so a little goes a long way.


EO items_HHHere are a few of my favorite recipes* for home and body:


Bath salts:
I love a relaxing, warm bath, especially in the winter or after a long, stressful day. This mix of bath salts is a perfect addition to a bath. The scent fills the bathroom and always relaxes and improves my mood!

1 cup Epsom salt
2 tbsp. baking soda
10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils


Add ingredients to jar/container, seal and shake to mix. Add 1-2 tbsp. to warm bath and relax! My favorite combinations include: Elevation (Joyful Blend) and ylang ylang; lavender and wild orange; grapefruit and lemon.


Relaxing linen/pillow spray:
Perfect to use before bed or a nap to help relax and unwind.
4 drops Lavender
2 drops Wild Orange
Add oils and water to a 2 oz. spray bottle. Light spray pillow and/or sheets before getting into bed (sometimes I spray on a tissue, then place next to or under my pillow). Shake well before each use.


Congestion shower relief:
Feeling congested from a cold, sinuses or allergies? This quick relief is perfect while you’re in the shower.
1-2 drops melaleuca (tea tree oil)
1-2 drops lavender


Add drops to shower floor in front of you with water running. The steam from the shower mixes with the oils to help clear congestion. And your bathroom smells wonderful too!


Ouch away spray:
Got a scratch or scrape? This combination of oils helps take the pain away while also providing a disinfectant.
10 drops frankincense
10 drops tea tree
10 drops lavender
1 tbsp. witch hazel


Add ingredients to 4 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Shake before each use.


Poo-pouri spray:
You may laugh at the name but this works wonders in the bathroom! It’s a natural alternative to air freshener sprays.
5 drops lavender
5 drops peppermint
5 drops tree tree
5 drops Citrus Bliss blend (or wild orange)


Fill 4 oz. spray bottle half-way with water. Add oils, top with water. Spray in toilet before use. Shake well before each use.


Carpet deodorizer:
Your house will smell great with this mix and this oil blend helps kill dust mites!
1-2 cups baking soda (depends on size of container)
10 drops lavender
10 drops Cleansing blend


Add ingredients to glass container (I use mason jars) and shake well. Sprinkle mix on carpet. Let sit for a few minutes before vacuuming.


I also make inhalers to take on the go with me – perfect to stash in my purse, desk drawer, pocket, wherever I need it! My go-to inhaler is a blend of Elevation (Joyful Blend) and ylang ylang. My latest inhaler is combination of frankincense, wild orange, lemon and grapefruit – I call it Sunshine Mix! It’s so cheerful and perfect to perk me up during a long day at work, overcast day or just when I need it. Now that people know I carry inhalers, I often get asked for a ‘breath of good smells and mood!’


To learn more about essential oils and to order, click here.


*Do not get essential oils near or in eyes, or inside ears and nose. If you do, do not use water – dilute with any vegetable oil. Keep out of reach of children (essential oils should be treated like medicine as they can be painful or harmful if large quantities of the wrong oil are ingested or gets in eyes). Use caution with children. Cut recipes in half for use on children. I am a wellness advocate for an essential oil company so earn a percentage of sales if you use the above link.


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