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Trying the coffee craze February 8, 2017

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keurigbrewingIn a kick off to my best year ever, I decided to finally kick my pop habit (yes, that’s what we call the liquid in the Midwest).


I didn’t drink coffee so Dr Pepper was my daily caffeine. I usually had one in the morning, at my work desk, while I caught up on email and prepared for the day’s meetings and projects. I’d drink one here and there on the weekend and vacation. But here’s the weird thing – I only drank Dr Pepper so if the store/restaurant didn’t carry that brand, I wouldn’t drink any pop. At any rate, I know that pop isn’t the best for you (even diet pop is bad) so I decided to kick it. And I did. I stopped drinking Dr Pepper over the holidays and have drank only two since then (and I didn’t really even enjoy it anymore so didn’t finish those!).


I also needed to cut back on my Starbucks Chai latte, which is high in sugar. Not to mention adds up in cost. I didn’t drink these daily but enough to note that I needed to scale back. So I convinced myself to limit the crave to once per week. And I’ve been able to manage that since early January (and it’s a yummy indulgence when the one time arrives!).


So as I removed both of these drinks from my regular routine, what could I add in place when I need a pick me up? I drink plenty of water and have enough tea. I suddenly found myself starting to drink…coffee! I haven’t had coffee since I was 10 when my mom let us drink a cup on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons (keeping in mind that cup was mostly milk, a dash of sugar and some coffee!).


Some people ask why start drinking anything new? Why start drinking coffee at this point in life? Good questions….but I didn’t commit to cutting out caffeine and can drink only so much tea, so why not? On a funnier note, several cycling friends said that many cyclists drink beer and coffee. I guess I’ll fit into the cycling community a bit better this year (whew, because you know I was worried. Ha)!


I’m still figuring out my tastes. Dark roasts are too strong. A few of the light roasts are too….well, light. I’m on the fence on flavored coffees, although I like a hazelnut flavored coffee, but vanilla is a little strong. I definitely need a creamer or splash of milk. I like some flavored creamers but nothing too sweet. I don’t even want to know about ‘fancy’ coffees until I get a bit more settled  – OMG do I sound like an adult or what?? Geesh. Although, now that I mention it, I do feel a bit more adult-like, getting my coffee in the morning, enjoying the aroma and warm taste!


What’s your favorite brand, flavor, way to drink coffee? I need some suggestions!


**PS. Yes, I recycle my K-cups. 🙂


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