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8 reasons I’m excited to bike across Iowa July 12, 2017

HH_bikeLS52017The countdown for leaving for RAGBRAI to join LIVESTRONG in Iowa is quickly getting smaller as the “BIG day” is almost here (eek!). Some days, I can’t wait for the adventure to begin. Other days…..yeah, well, other days I admit I practice my breathing exercises to remain calm. It’s a lot of darn miles to ride on a bike. But I’ve been riding, a LOT. My leg and knee have, thankfully, felt amazing, and my butt, well, it’s getting there (yep, padded shorts and chamois cream are my best friends).


This ride will be worth the anxiety and nerves. Because at the end of the day, Team LIVESTRONG is raising a lot of money – more than $120,000 so far! (you can help increase that total by donating here) – for programs and services that support people affected by cancer. And I’m personally excited to prove to myself that a thing like bone cancer causing my femur to be replaced with titanium can’t stop me from biking a few hundred miles to help other cancer survivors. (You can read more about why I’m biking across Iowa in this past blog post)


As the “BIG day” approaches, there are many aspects of RAGBRAI that I’m excited to experience. Here’s a few things that keep me motivated:


Raising funds for and awareness of LIVESTRONG’s mission, programs and services – LIVESTRONG offers some outstanding programs for cancer survivors, caregivers and people touched by disease. Whether newly diagnosed or out of treatment, the organization provides support at every point of your journey. From direct services to community programs to school programs and more, I’m grateful to know there is so much available to help others. If you haven’t read their manifesto, you should. These words are so powerful to me – “We believe in life. Your life. We believe in living every minute of it with every ounce of your being. And that you must not let cancer take control of it…..Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.” I was stopped in the airport a few months ago by a woman who noticed my LIVESTRONG shirt and yellow wristband and wanted to share how useful the guidebook and journal were during her cancer journey. I love hearing these stories and am happy to be a part of the organization as a volunteer.


Team LIVESTRONG (aka “my tribe”) – I’m most excited to hang out with this team, my team, my friends, my yellow family. We all start with the common bond of this terrible disease, as cancer survivors, caregivers, family members and friends of cancer survivors, family members and friends who have lost someone to cancer. It doesn’t matter what circumstance brought us together, we have a bond. In addition to this bond that ties us together, these are good people who find many ways to fight against the disease. They commit to spending a week on a bike, raising money for LIVESTRONG’s programs to support others. So no one has to face cancer alone. I’m already in awe of them, and humbled and honored to be part of their team.


The people I ride for – While there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of being a cancer survivor in some way, there is also never a day that goes by that I don’t think of the many other people who are also cancer survivors or died from this disease. My dad is always in the forefront of my mind, as I miss him daily. I’ve said good bye to too many people because of this disease, many of them way too young (since I was diagnosed at 21 and treated in pediatrics). I’ve also been blessed to have met thousands of cancer survivors in the past 20 years, all of whom reinforce that our fight against this disease is far from over. So throughout that week, and always, these people will be in my heart and mind.


The cycling jerseys – Let’s not stereotype – I know it sounds like a girl thing to focus on clothing but that’s not my intent (and, trust me, not all cycling jerseys are fashionable). LIVESTRONG designed an awesome team jersey that we’ll all be wearing on the first and last day to help raise awareness of the organization and team. Then, we’ll wear our tribute jersey, designed in memory of the wife of one of our team members who died from cancer, featuring some of her favorite things. I also have a cool Michigan jersey (that would the state of Michigan, not university…I bleed maroon and gold, friends) and some other fun options. I like seeing the variety of jerseys that others wear. And, okay, yes, you might as well look good if you’re biking 50+ miles in the Iowa heat (or any heat).


Garmin_LSbandMy personal goal/peace of mind/’take that, stupid cancer’ – I shared in a previous blog the challenges, physical and mental, I face as a bone cancer survivor. Super grateful to be alive and have both of my own legs. But unable to fully quiet the whispers of doubt, frustration and insecurity in my physical limitations from the titanium rod in my leg. I’ll be honest…this training is certainly a good source of confidence building. This experience has also shown me how many people have more faith in my ability than I do. So sometimes I simply need to remind myself that I survived cancer and can do anything I put my mind to. Including bike across Iowa. I’m proud of myself for taking on this challenge and for all of the training and focus I’ve put into it. I get so nervous about hurting my leg that sometimes I forget to simply enjoy the activity or moment. Enough with the doubt and anxiety, it’s time to kick some ass and remind myself who’s in charge of my attitude.


Biking – Despite the nerves at biking so many miles for multiple days, I’m really looking forward to being on my bike. I love Ruby (my road bike for those who haven’t met her) and the more I ride, the more I enjoy biking. The freedom, the satisfaction of a great workout on my legs, different places to explore on a bike, new people you interact with on the road, adventures in the making. I’m also excited to ride with so many people from LIVESTRONG, getting to know them better and making memories to hold dear for decades to come.


Meeting people – It may not surprise you that I talk to people almost everywhere I go (like mother, like daughter. Right, Mom?). Isn’t this one of the beauties of life – learning about all walks of life from a variety of people? You never know who you may meet or what you may learn from others. There will be thousands of people at this event from all across the country so there are bound to be some great encounters!


Exploring Iowa – I love to travel and explore new places (and old!). Plus, my grandma was born and raised in northern Iowa, my mom spent summers at the family farm and my family took some vacations to the state when I was a young child. So I feel a little kinship to the state. 🙂


If you’d like to support LIVESTRONG’s programs and services for people with cancer, click here to donate to my fundraising page. For every $10 donation increment, you’ll be entered to win a Michigan themed gift bag!


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