4 tips to welcome a new year

It’s probably safe to state that everyone is ready to flip the calendar on 2020. A new year so often offers hope and a fresh start to many. I believe 2021 is very welcome. As we get ready for the big countdown, I wanted to share 4 tips to welcome a new year so you can make the most of 2021!

Good-bye to 2020

There are ups and downs in every year. Every year has surprises, some are welcoming while others may be a punch in the gut. We often are excited for a new year as it provides an opportunity to feel like something new is kicking off and we can re-focus (although keep in mind that you can do that ANY time during the year!).

This year has been many things to many people. For me, it’s very much been a year of clarity (read my post about unveiling the good and ugly of 2020). For all the challenges, canceled trips, isolating away from family and friends and other disappointments and frustrations, I am so very grateful to be healthy, employed and happy. I can to talk to family and friends via virtual calls and even social distance outdoors.

But I also am ready for 2021. The release of COVID-19 vaccines brings hope for protecting our health, in-person visits, dating, traveling, cycling events, and hugs from family. I am cautiously optimistic.

Here are 4 tips to welcome a new year:

What do you want to release at the end of 2020?

This was a doozy of a year for many people. Pandemic, quarantine, elections, ugh. Those are enough, right? I like to write down things I want to let go of and move on from. For instance, at the end of last year, I wanted to release all the heavy emotions of cancer treatment. Once written down, I tore up the paper and burned the pieces of paper. It is a clearing action! (you can also check my blog post with tips on learning to let go.)

Give gratitude for the year too.

Think of moments that made you proud during the year. What brought you laughter? Who made you smile? Even in the craziness and challenges brought by life, there is gratitude. Read my blog about finding and sharing gratitude if you need some inspiration.

Set your intentions for the new year.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021? What are some goals? New job, buy a house, travel? Think of what you’d like to welcome to your life too. Examples include better health, a new relationship, expanding your friendship circle, etc. This is a new year, a blank page! Be bold, brave and excited!

Recruit an accountability partner!

Having support and encouragement in any journey or goal can be so helpful. Ask a friend to support you in your 2021 goals and intentions. And, of course, offer to support them too! Create a plan together that includes when to check in with each other and in what ways you can support each other through the year.

Let’s choose to end 2020 with JOY.

Let’s ring in the new year with positivity – what’s something that you’re proud of from 2020? Share in the comments to help spread optimism!

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