5 indoor activities that keep you moving

Early, dark evenings mixed with cold, snowy winter weather make it difficult for me to exercise outdoors. There are thankfully lots of indoor activities that keep you moving when you can’t be outdoors.

POUND classes are so fun!

Winter weather brings me indoors for biking. As much as I prefer to bike outdoors, I’m thankful I can put my road bike on a trainer so I can continue to ride it. While I spend a lot of time on the trainer during the winter months, I like to mix up my routine to work muscles and bones in a variety of exercises and not get bored.

Here are five indoor activities that keep you moving and having fun indoors:

Zumba. Don’t you love when exercise doesn’t feel like a workout? That’s Zumba for me. I love music and dancing so this is a perfect workout. I’ve been attending Zumba classes for years. I love the dancing, fun music, instructors and friendships I’ve developed. If you’re local to metro Detroit, check out Zumba with Ivy classes.

POUND workout. Drumsticks, cardio, core, music – doesn’t this sound fun?! It did to me so I checked out a free local class. I’m so glad I did! A POUND workout includes cardio and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired moves. Add in lightly weighted drumsticks and rockin’ music, and it’s great fun! I admittedly need a few more classes to feel a bit more coordinated with the sticks, lol.

Group exercise classes – Group classes can be a great way to try new activities, be motivated by others and often times pay a little less than if you do individual training sessions. A local gym offers Girls That Curl classes, small group training classes led by a personal trainer. I enjoy the camaraderie of working out with other women and the creative strength training program (and encouragement) my sweet trainer offers to keep me motivated.

On demand workouts. There are TONS of exercise videos on the Internet, streaming services and more. From yoga to cardio dances to weight exercises to Pilates and more, there are great options. I recently signed up for Beachbody on Demand to access their variety of programs, from cardio to core to high intensity and more. My friend, Brooke, is an awesome motivating coach so contact her for inspiration and ideas of creating a routine to meet your health goals.

Yoga. When I need to stretch my muscles, calm my mind and focus on strength, yoga is my go to activity. I think yoga is a great complement to the many other activities that I do and always feel awesome after a class. While I enjoy going to a local studio, I also have some yoga videos to follow when I don’t feel like leaving home (and there are many free online options too).

What indoor activities do you enjoy?

**These activities and links are shared without compensation to me. I’m sharing to help motivate and inspire you to be active and have fun!

2 thoughts on “5 indoor activities that keep you moving

  1. These are great. I’m at home with my kids and we don’t have a backyard so I’m always looking for ways to be moving around. I love yoga and we have a dance game for the Xbox that’s fun.

    1. My friend found some ‘yoga for kids’ videos that they do together. It lets her exercise and keeps the kids engaged. I love the dancing videos for Xbox and Wii! So fun.

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