6 benefits of water aerobics

I recently had the opportunity to escape the cold Midwest winter to visit family in Florida. The sunshine and warm temps definitely felt good, especially on my body’s joints (I’ve struggled with inflammation from post-breast cancer drugs). My body always feels so good after this type of exercise class so I wanted to share 6 benefits of water aerobics.

The benefits of water aerobics for my body

6 benefits of water aerobics
6 benefits of water aerobics

The community I stayed in offers daily water aerobics so I took advantage of the classes many times. It was awesome! Great cardio and lots of fun with other people. Most of the participants were 55+ years old, which inspired and motivated me. I love seeing people take care of their bodies at any age.

I’m admittedly not usually a big water person. I don’t swim much (and I’m not a strong swimmer) but I do like water exercises. My body feels great after this type of workout. My oncology surgeon is always recommending exercising in the water as it’s gentler on my leg (with a titanium rod/knee) and joints. But it’s harder to find water aerobic classes in my home area. So it was great to enjoy these classes in Florida (being in warm, sunny weather helped too!)!

There are some great benefits to water aerobics! According to the CDC, just 150 minutes of water aerobics per week can help decrease your risk of chronic illness!

Here are 6 benefits of water aerobics:

  1. It’s a low impact workout so less stress on joints and muscles.
  2. It’s a great cardio workout, helping to improve heart health and cardiovascular strength. Water aerobics can improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in the same ways as cycling or running.
  3. Increased flexibility and mobility.
  4. Water aerobics can help you burn 500-1,000 calories per hour, helping with weight loss.
  5. You can work your entire body in a water aerobics class!
  6. It’s fun! Doing fun activities can lead to improved mental and emotional health.

Ready to get wet?

Have you tried water aerobics? If so, did you like it? Share in the comments below.

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