A day of random acts of kindness

Well, America, we made it through elections. It’s one of the wildest election cycles I’ve experienced. And while we still await many results, I’m focusing on a new day. It’s time for a new chapter to begin. Hopefully one full of healing, compassion, learning about each other, growth, strength and an end to the pandemic. Things won’t change overnight. We’ve let the divide grow too large, but we have to begin to move forward together. And we can’t rely on politicians. It’s on us. With so much upheaval and division still facing our nation, I think society needs a day of random acts of kindness. And I can’t think of a better time to do this than my dad’s birthday!

Today is an emotional day for me for many reasons. This election wiped me out. It was ugly and the results are still pending. And there is no end in sight with the pandemic, despite too many acting like it’s over and continuing the spread. Racism, negativity, discrimination, fighting to protect healthcare and women’s rights and more are almost daily topics. I’m ready to move forward toward positive change. And that’s what I’m focusing on in the coming weeks and months. What can I do to be a positive force in this world?

Celebrating my dad’s kindness

Today is also my dad’s birthday. And while he isn’t here on Earth to celebrate, cancer will never take away how much we love and celebrate him on his birthday, and every day. I am incredibly blessed to call him my dad. He taught me many lessons and shared much kindness, love and laughter with those around him.

Did you know that doing acts of kindness is also good for YOU? Research shows that doing acts of kindness can release hormones that contribute to your mood and overall wellbeing. Being kind to others can increase happiness, energy, love, contentment and help improve heart health, blood pressure and more. Wow, that’s a whole lot of goodness tucked inside kind gestures!

Need help in kicking off a day of random acts of kindness? There are many free/low-cost ideas. And easy to do while maintaining social distancing and safety during the pandemic.

Here are some acts of kindness ideas:

Simply say hello or greet someone with friendliness.

Give a compliment.

Send a card. I love sending and receiving special cards.

Wear a mask without complaint. One of the simplest gestures of kindness and goodwill to others is wearing a mask right now. It’s saying that you are willing to help protect another person while protecting yourself. Read more in my Wear a mask, save a life post.

Call a family member or friend to say hello and ask how they’re doing. And really listen. No interruptions, multi-tasking or interjecting about your life. Simply listen.

This guy loved to make others laugh and spread kindness!

Message someone to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Share positive news or stories on social media rather than complaints.

Be a partner. One of my friend’s has been focusing on exercising more often so we sometimes meet for walks or outdoor exercise.

Schedule a virtual call with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Sometimes having that face to face conversation, even on a screen, helps reinforce a connection.

Offer your help. Maybe someone needs help with errands, technology, grocery pick up or something else to ease their load. When a friend had to go into COVID quarantine this summer, I picked up their order from the grocery store’s curbside pick up and delivered to their garage.

Sign up to volunteer for a community organization.

A few low cost ideas too

Make a surprise delivery. One of my sisters and her family are working from home or doing virtual school so I dropped off Tim Horton’s TimBits and beverages to their porch the other morning. Then texted to open their door. They loved the surprise!

Pay it backward. The next time you’re in line at the drive thru, consider paying for the car (or cars) behind you.

Add money to an expired meter to help prevent someone from getting a ticket.

‘Tis the season. Send Thanksgiving cards to friends and family sharing how grateful you are for them in your life.

Support a small business. The pandemic has hit many small businesses while they try to keep customers safe. If you’re uncomfortable eating at restaurants or shopping in stores, consider purchasing gift cards or doing curbside pickup (if available).

Spread kindness

Will you help me with a day of random acts of kindness? What kindness can you spread to help others?

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog, I was thinking about doing an act of kindness on my birthday so focus on giving instead of receiving. I had this thought on my walk just before I found this post, I will be subscribing and hoping to read more 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! And happy birthday! I love that you’re choosing to give to others. Thank you for being a positive change in the world. 🙂

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