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A love for Detroit sports

Fun at the Detroit Pistons game!

If you’re a sports fan, living in metro Detroit is a good thing. You have your pick of professional sports teams and a host of collegiate teams. There’s no promise that any of these teams will be great all the time (or at all) but you at least get the enjoyment of having a home team to cheer on during games. I know there are many cities that have team spirit but there is nothing quite like being part of Detroit’s love of our teams.


My dad was a big sports fan (although he often complained of the huge salaries that professional players receive). My sisters and I grew up to be fans of the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, Lions and Pistons. And we were not raised to be ‘fair-weather fans.’ No, we stand beside our teams even through the most painful, defeating games and seasons (and we’ve faced many of those with certain teams!). My childhood memories are filled with mental images of listening to the Lions and Tigers’ games in the garage with my dad, driving home from the cider mill on a Sunday afternoon while the Lions’ game played on the radio, and staying up past bedtime to watch the Bad Boys win another basketball playoff game. My parents often hosted football watching parties. My grandmother was a diehard Red Wings fan and could spout statistics more accurately and faster than most sportscasters. When I finished chemo and during recovery of my second leg surgery, many of my dad’s colleagues and business partners had season tickets to the Red Wings and Pistons so my younger sister and I could often be found at these games.


So it’s with a little nostalgia that I recognize that two of our sports stadiums are closing after their current seasons. The Detroit Red Wings will leave  Joe Louis Arena and the Detroit Pistons will end their season at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Both teams will be moving to the new Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit.

Awesome Red Wings game!

I was lucky to take in a final game at each location before the end. My friend and I attended a great Wings’ game a few weeks ago, with an exciting win during an overtime shootout. It was his first game at the Joe and my last. The Joe holds many memories for me. My sisters and I have attended many hockey games, concerts and other entertainment shows at this iconic stadium. I recall being on crutches and hiking up the outdoors stairs. I remember hugging strangers when the Wings made the playoffs one season.


A few days ago, my niece and I attended a Pistons game at the Palace. It was her first time at a Pistons game and my last game at this stadium. And guess what? The Pistons won! It was actually a pretty exciting game. The Palace too holds lots of fun memories of sports games, concerts, Disney on Ice shows, and many other entertainment shows. I smile when I think of all the memories that I have from this place, many with my family.


While our memories will soon end at these longtime stadiums, I also remember Tiger Stadium before Comerica Park and the Silverdome that came before Ford Field. So I know that all of us Detroit sports fans will get used to the new stadium, as we did the ones that we’re leaving when they were shiny new locations (my true hope is that the cities won’t let these huge buildings fall to disrepair and gloom as the other stadiums have sadly become). Unfortunately, neither of these Detroit teams are ending their current seasons very well. We can only hope that the new stadium will bring much good luck to them, and all of their fans. Because that, my friends, is the spirit of Detroit. I look forward to the fun memories to come.

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