Welcome to Heathers Hangout!

I’m Heather!

Cancer survivor | writer | speaker | coach | advocate | seeker of joy and ease | lover of life

My mission is be a positive change in the world. Will you join me?
There’s no doubt that life can be hard. As a three-time cancer survivor, I definitely have faced those hard challenges. But I also have learned that choosing to focus on the positive in my life helps me better manage those challenges with ease, courage and clarity.

I initially started a blog because while cancer is ugly, life is beautiful. I’m grateful to be alive to enjoy the simple moments of every day. And I want to help others find this joy too.

Whether you’re a cancer survivor or not, everyone is welcome here!

Heather’s Hangout offers useful information on managing your overall well-being, fun adventures and experiences, tips for navigating tough times and staying focused on the good in life, and more. I also share some of my experiences as a cancer survivor because, well, I’m blessed to be alive. And after clearing three cancers and being a health advocate for 25+ years, I want to share the knowledge and experience that may help others.

And that’s my mission – to be a positive change in the world.

I hope Heather’s Hangout motivates you to choose to throw your arms open to life’s possibilities too!

I feel gratitude for each day. I’m told that I am a never-ending optimist – I take those comments as very kind compliments. Besides, doesn’t it feel so much better to be happy and positive? Life is a journey. As a cancer survivor and simple human being, I’m blessed to be here to experience it.

I’m so happy that you’re choosing to hang out with me.

Cheers, Heather

My Self-Care Strategy

Being in nature

Hugging trees is so helpful!

Movng my body

biking, hiking, yoga, barre, Zumba & more

Listening to

My body’s needs


To growth & self-reflection

Reading Books

For health escaping of real-life

Asking for Support

When I need it

Regularly Unplugg

From technology

What I can do for you


I help people learn how to use their voice and manage their mindset to transform their life.


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