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Be.Worthy. – My words for 2020

The past few years, instead of setting a lot of resolutions, I select words to help focus and define my year. I, of course, set some goals each year (hey, I admit to being a planner), but focusing on words helps me check in to stay aware of the energy I’m putting into the goals, activities and even relationships. I chose my words for 2020 to help make certain the things, people, activities and more can be worthy of my time.

Last year, my word was JOY. And despite facing an unexpected third cancer and the treatment and side effects that came with it, it was a year of joy. Focusing on my word helped my thoughts and emotions seek joy in even challenging situations. This was really useful during a cancer diagnosis. 

Choosing a word is kind of fun and there are a lot of positive options! I think about what I’d like to accomplish in the year, what type of energy I’d like to focus on, the people and activities I’d like to engage with and so on.

I decided to choose two words this year, although they kind of go together. My words for 2020 are “Be. Worthy.” I just love the positive energy with these words! 


A powerful, positive word full of impact. An active word that blends with so much. Be…. It opens the mind to so many possibilities, doesn’t it? It reminds me to be present and in tune with myself. Be:









The list can go on. What will you choose to BE this year?


I think this word will help me stay focused on what’s important and beneficial for me. So often we focus our energies and emotions on situations, and even people, that don’t benefit us physically, emotionally and mentally. They in fact drain us of energy. This year I’ll really be pausing in my decision-making, checking in with myself to be aware of how I’m feeling and asking about the worthiness. Asking questions can help with the focus. Examples include: 

Is this…..

  • …project worthy of my talent? 
  • …relationship worthy of my energy? 
  • …item worthy of my hard-earned money? 
  • …situation or person worthy of my emotions? 
  • …activity worthy of my time? 

Are you doing things worthy of your time, talent and energy? 

Choose your word for the year

Want to choose a word for the year? It’s easy! 

  • Keep in mind that choosing a word isn’t like crossing off a goal or task, it’s about setting a mantra or reminder for the year. 
  • I like to reflect and ask questions: what could I use more of? What characteristics would I like to focus on more? What can I choose that will contribute positivity to my life and decisions? 
  • Next I think of a variety of words that are active and positive (it sometimes helps to make a list). Some examples are: hope, love, focus, mindful, grow, commit, aware. Narrow it down to 2-3 words, then reflect on which one (or ones, as in my case) resonates the most with you. 
  • Then commit to your word(s)! Decide that this word will help you stay focused on a theme and attitude for the year!

I’m excited about my words for 2020! Do you choose a word for your year? If so, what is your word? Share in the comments!

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