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Benefits of a workout buddy

I recently shared that I had experienced anxiety and hesitation after my knee revision surgery this fall. First, thank you to so many for reaching out, either via comments or private messages, with support, stories, tips and encouragement. It is SO appreciated!

I took those tips and encouragement and started moving again. I’m happy to be back to a pretty active lifestyle, including biking, Zumba, yoga and more. And you know what? I feel awesome! I honestly feel at my best physically and mentally again.

One of the things I’ve found to help motivate and keep me moving is being active with friends. While being active alone has some benefits, like clearing your mind, being with others can be so helpful. The benefits of a workout buddy include:

Someone to hold you accountable. Making plans to meet someone at the trailhead, at a class or on a bike ride means that I will be there! Even if I don’t want to get out of bed or off the couch. Having someone relying on me to be somewhere almost always gets me there, and usually early. 🙂 Plus if I am feeling achy in the knee (or elsewhere), having the social connection with someone else helps take my mind from focusing on the negative and I usually feel better by the end!

Maybe you’ll try something new…and love it. I attended my first Zumba class years ago because my little sister wanted to try a class. Now I love it, look forward to attending class, sometimes twice a week! I joined a local outdoor group because a friend didn’t want to go alone to a meeting. I went on to join the group, take multiple classes, go on many awesome trips, join the organization’s board and make some lifelong friends. And you all know my love of cycling – I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike but without the encouragement of a good friend a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have purchased my road bike and started on a road of adventures, personal empowerment and lots of joy. My point is that you never know what you’ll get out of trying something new!

There’s always the social stuff. One of the reasons I love my friends is that we enjoy our exercise (or at least do it, lol), but we also do other fun stuff together. There are many times that we end up at a brewery, restaurant or beach after a bike ride, or happy hours with my Zumba girlfriends, or beers on the tailgate of my SUV after a hike. We like to reward ourselves after a fun workout. After all, life is about balance, right? 🙂 

20 thoughts on “Benefits of a workout buddy

    1. It is fun! Extra motivation and I also find that my friends suggest new types of activities to try together, which is always fun.

  1. I’ve actually never done any workouts with a group or a partner, but I’m actually looking at joining a few classes in the new year once I’ve had baby number 2 — I really need the extra motivation, and I like the idea of having others to hold me accountable!

    1. The accountability of others is great, and it’s really fun to get to know others and motivate each other. Best of luck with baby #2! 🙂

  2. Yes to having a work out partner to keep you accountable! I’ve seen more consistency in my workouts when I have a workout buddy. 😊

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