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Benefits of Hope

Focusing on good vibes in my life!

I’m going to be honest. This hasn’t been the brightest of holiday seasons. I feel a bit of emotions missing my dad extra this time of year. And I’ve been working through emotions related to clearing my third cancer and the side effects it brought, plus the frustration of the ongoing Covid pandemic, people’s lack of thoughtfulness to others and more. So, yes, it’s been a bit wearing. But I remind myself to focus on the good stuff in my life, because there is always something good and hopeful. In fact, there are many benefits of hope.

The flame of hope helps life shine bright

During the holiday season three years ago, I received news that I would be clearing breast cancer. My third cancer. Because of the holidays, it would be almost 10 days before I would meet with a breast surgeon to determine next steps.

So I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s and went about my daily life with that news in my head.

However, in the midst of the turmoil, uncertainty, shock, sadness, anger, there was HOPE. Hope of an early catch (thankfully, that was the case!), ease in my treatment, a bright future for me. Another day, another breath. Because while we can’t control much in life and truly can’t know what the next day or even moment may bring, there can always be hope. Of good health, love, supportive people, breath.

At first, that hope was a light flicker. Hearing you have cancer is stunning. Learning I would be clearing my third cancer? Heart-shattering, rock my world type news. So I admittedly had to dig deep and look hard for that flicker of hope. Between plans with friends. Laughter with my nieces and nephew. But, I grasped it. And allowed it to breath light and bring smiles, optimism, love. Until the flicker flamed into a bright fire within me.

So when I feel sad, disappointed, frustrated, worried – and life will always bring those emotions – I seek that flicker of hope. And trust in myself.

Benefits of hope

Focusing on hope brings good benefits to your life too. Hope can:

  • Increase happiness
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce feelings of helplessness and sadness
  • Reduce physical pain

All of these benefits can lead to lower risk of cardiovascular disease and improved health (less stress and more optimism are great for our overall mental and physical health!).

Focus on the good

I’ve learned that you can feel uncertainty next to hope. Feel sadness next to joy. I’m inspired to remember that you can always choose to follow the path toward possibilities rather than following problems. There is always room for change, thereby changing your path and bringing hope.

For me, the benefits of hope are that it’s always here for me. Pushing past the darkness, holding my hand like a good friend. Ready to comfort, support, breath life to the promise of a new day.

So never lose hope, friends.

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