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Benefits to solo travel

I love to travel. Exploring new places and meeting new people can be so much fun. I’m grateful for many wonderful travel opportunities with friends and family. It’s awesome to make new memories with awesome people. However, the past few years, I’ve also discovered the benefits to solo travel.

It’s interesting to learn that many people don’t spend much time alone, even more surprising how many people don’t like to be alone. I think that you have to like and be happy with yourself before you can be happy with another. I feel as if I grow as a person each time I travel alone and have learned to treasure those opportunities.

I believe there are many benefits to solo travel. Not only do you get to plan and do what you want, you can learn a lot about yourself.

4 benefits to solo travel

See your surroundings in your view, not others. When you’re on your own, you make the decisions of what to do/where to go, what you like/dislike. You can experience things in a different way than if you’re with someone else who might offer their opinions.

Learn about yourself. Traveling alone can highlight the benefits of ‘me’ time. You appreciate your own company and start paying attention to your likes and interests in a new light. I’ve discovered that I like to sometimes wander aimlessly – it’s a great way to discover unexpected places and adventures. I also like to talk with others (no secret, ha!) and can strike up conversations with random strangers in whatever settings, but can enjoy quiet, relaxing time with just me.

Build confidence in yourself. Traveling alone, especially to new places, can pull you out of your comfort zone and place you in new settings. Sometimes you’ll encounter challenges. You have to make decisions and be responsible for the details (Check out my blog on tips to plan a great trip). But it’s so empowering and energizing to do these things for you! Think how great you’ll feel about yourself when you return from a wonderful trip that you planned and enjoyed.

Limit technology and communication. I often solo travel to get some ‘me’ time so try to disconnect a bit from the ‘real world.’ While I still check in with my mom and sisters so someone knows my whereabouts, I try to limit time on social media or texting so I can enjoy the day and all that surrounds me.

Have you traveled alone? What do you like about it?