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Essential oil recipes for a healthy, relaxing home & life

For the past few years, I’ve been trying to transition into using more natural, safe products in my home and on my body. Using essential oils is one way to achieve this. 2 I started using essential oils after some digestive issues wouldn’t go away.  Medical tests thankfully kept coming back negative or inconclusive, however,

Visit me at my first craft show booth

Guess what?! I’m taking my creative side and Esty store items on the road to a local craft show. Truth be told, it’s a bit terrifying to put myself, er, my stuff on display. After all, right now, I make stuff and post onto Etsy so no need to interact in person. 2 My logical

A slow interest in cooking (A few favorite slow cooker recipes)

I never thought I’d write a blog about cooking. I never liked cooking. Truly, did not like cooking. I eat because my body requires it. I’m not sure I really like cooking now. But I must have been bitten by the domestic bug during our wedding because I find myself in the kitchen more, thumbing