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10 books worth reading

I love to read and am a self-declared book nerd. I don’t have a favorite genre as I move across the spectrum, depending on my mood and what’s available to read (although I tend to avoid scary, murder-filled, graphic books because my imagination is much too vivid to simply forget the descriptions as I fall

How to make homemade wool dryer balls

2 I love making crafts, learning new activities and anything that lets me be creative. My projects may not always turn out fabulous but I usually have fun trying, which is really what matters, right? 2 I’ve always enjoyed different do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Many of my projects over the past few months are focused on

5 tips to motivate you to exercise

It’s a new year and many people are kicking off new health goals, maybe even you. 2 Many family and friends have commented that they want to focus on being healthier this year but enthusiasm often fizzles after a few weeks in an exercise routine. The most common concern I hear is how to stay

Northern Michigan wines add great flavor to holiday parties

With Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching, it’s a great time to stock up on wine so you can grab a bottle to take to family dinners and parties, or have available at home to serve during evenings with friends (or just for you!). 2 We’re lucky to live in a state that is home