Easing into the new year

Happy New Year! I’ve had a great week easing into the new year! I worked on some new action plans, started trip planning and set positive intentions for what I want to focus on going forward. It’s a new chapter and also time to choose a new word of the year. Keep reading to learn how I chose my 2023 word.

Choosing a theme for the year.

Easing into the new year with a new word!
Easing into the new year with a new word!

I like choosing a word for the year. It gives me a theme and helps me stay focused on what I want to bring to my life.

Last year, I chose CELEBRATE as my word, which perfectly fit celebrating 25 years as a cancer survivor. More than that, CELEBRATE reminded me to acknowledge and embrace the good in my life and all the special moments, big and simple.

There were several times that something would be upsetting me or I was sad about facing another treatment side effect, and that word would suddenly pop into my brain. It helped me remember to acknowledge the challenge, take a few deep breaths and focus on something positive in the situation.

Easing into the new year.

I’m excited to share that EASE is my word for 2023. After clearing three cancers and facing many side effects from those treatments, I’ve learned the importance and value in embracing ease, joy and love in my life. And I want more!

Truth be told, I’ve never been a fan when people say you have to go through hard things, tragedies or difficulty to appreciate life. I know plenty of people who go through tough things and are still selfish jerks! The reality of life is that we will face challenges, adversity and emotional situations, some of us will face these more than others.

But over the years, I’ve come to realize that while I can’t control all that happens in my life, I can control my reactions and responses. I’ve also learned that focusing on my attitude helps me manage even the toughest situations with less stress, anxiety and drama. I even created a collection of affirmation products (cards, journal, clothing and more!) to help remind myself and others of this. (check out the store; my blog subscribers get a discount code!).

So I’m easing into this new year with a refreshed mindset, one focused on creating and embracing more ease in my life. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I’m feeling so much light and ease as I write this! How does it any better than this?

How will I bring EASE to my life?

  • Focus on situations, decisions and experiences that bring ease to my life.
  • Release old behaviors, fears and patterns that no longer serve me.
  • Step back from people who bring drama, stress and disruption to my life, while warmly welcoming those who bring kindness, community, love and joy.
  • React less to negative situations, drama and difficult people and instead respond with calm, neutral emotions.
  • Say YES to more activities, adventures and opportunities that make me smile, laugh, learn and explore my community and the world beyond.
  • Trust more in my decisions and instinct.
  • Be open to learning and expanding my thoughts and emotions, knowing that the openness and ability to change will bring more positive opportunities to my world.
  • Embrace who I am and my purpose in this world (spreading kindness and helping others).
  • Actively seek and welcome more people, experiences, possibilities that bring ease (and of course JOY) to my life.

Tips to choose your word of the year.

Need some help choosing a word of the year? Here are a few tips:

  1. Think about what you want to achieve in the new year and think of words that relate to those goals.
  2. Pay attention to life around you. Sometimes a word keeps popping into your head or appearing as you’re going about daily life.
  3. Commit to your word. Embrace it and own it once you choose!

Read my post for more tips about choosing a word of the year.

How are you easing into the new year?

What are your plans for this year? What’s your word for 2023? I’d love to know so please share in the comments!

I hope that you’re easing into the new year and welcoming ease and joy to your life too! Don’t forget that subscribers have free access to my resource library – subscribe today to check it out!

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