Finding good in chaos

As a three-time cancer survivor, I can share with certainty that there’s been a lot of chaos in my life. Like cover your head, it’s coming in hot chaos. But surprisingly there’s also been good to come from chaos. Finding good in chaos surrounding us, or even inside of us, can lead to positive outcomes. Read on to learn how.

Embracing the good kind of chaos

There’s a lot going on in our world. Some might say a heck of a lot of chaos. From the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, masks, politics, juggling work, home life, health, finances and more. Whew. So eye-opening. And maybe exhausting and a bit overwhelming. But what if there was a possibility that some chaos can cause good?

I’ve been joining some cancer survivors in a virtual barre3 class for the past year. I love it! Not only do I get to interact with some amazingly inspiring and strong fellow cancer survivors, I get an awesome workout that has helped my body feel stronger and more flexible. Total win-win! I look forward to these classes.

During one of the classes a few months ago, the instructor commented on creating chaos within your body to help it get stronger. New exercises and working different muscles keep our bodies alert. The exercise makes my body move, sometimes when I don’t feel like, creating gentle chaos that helps it get stronger and more flexible. What a great way to honor my body and get healthier!

Surviving cancer’s chaos

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I thought how cancer survivors know all too well about chaos in our body. And you could say that we’re stronger for it. Heck yes! We’ve faced down what most people fear in life, a threat to our life.

I’m sure each of you reading this can recall a time chaos touched your life. Maybe it still is.

I’ve learned that chaos will always be in our lives. But chaos comes in many forms. Sometimes it brings uncertainty and discomfort. As a bone cancer, melanoma and breast cancer cancer survivor, chaos has certainly raced through and wreaked havoc in my life. It’s brought many challenges. But here I am. Alive. Healthy. Resilient. Strong.

Finding good in chaos

And sometimes chaos brings positive things and changes. I like to focus on the positive outcomes that may occur and finding good in chaos. I love the idea of embracing the courage it takes to face the chaos (good or bad).

  • Chaos brings awareness of our body, mind and emotions. Checking in with ourselves is an awesome and important opportunity to gauge how it’s going and what we may need.
  • It teaches us to adjust (our thinking, behavior, way of life, etc) and encourages us to be flexible.
  • Chaos forces us to pay attention to ourselves, and the world around us.
  • It can push us out of our comfort zone. And while that can be scary and uncomfortable, it can also be really good for us.
  • It reminds us that life often doesn’t follow ‘the plan,’ but we’re strong and brave enough to face what’s next. And who knows what awesome-ness the new plan or path will bring?!

There are definitely many times I’d prefer calm over chaos. But I also know that how we react to chaos can either keep it churning or calm the winds.

PS. I’m loving these barre3 classes. My body feels ‘good sore’ after every class. I feel STRONG – this is the type of chaos I’m here for. Have you started something new that makes you feel great? Share in the comments!

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