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Four solo exercise ideas

Social distancing is a new concept for many people, but not cancer survivors or people living with suppressed immune systems. While our society takes on a new look as we desperately try to slow the coronavirus, many people are already getting restless at home (admittedly I am too). As I try to stay positive, I’ve decided it’s a great time to focus on exercise! Keeping our bodies active is important for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. The best part is you can do it with or without other people. I wanted to share four solo exercise ideas to help motivate you.

Staying active when you need to social distance is still possible. When I went through chemo and radiation last year, I made it a point to be active every day. Sometimes it was for 10 minutes but it was at least moving! Here are some tips to help get started. Being active can help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. You can be at any fitness level to be active so get started, friends (of course check with your doctor if you’re in treatment or have concerns).

Four solo exercise ideas to help you stay active:

Get outdoors. There are so many opportunities to be active outdoors. Enjoy fresh air while you walk, run, bike and hike! I’m so ready for Michigan’s winter weather to take a hiatus and spring temps to stay (we keep getting teased). But on the warmer, dry days it’s a guarantee that I’ll be outside! I personally enjoy going on a bike ride or hike by myself as I use the time alone to clear my mind, relax my emotions and simply enjoy nature and me time.

Having fun with solo exercises at home!

Chat with friends. I try to not use technology when I’m walking so I can focus on relaxing but the other day I talked on the phone with a friend as we both walked in local parks. It was nice to connect with her and we motivated each other – we walked four miles!

Check out online activities. Many exercise activities are available online. My friend motivated me to try some online streaming exercises and now I love the easy access from my television. Lots of options based on length of workout, type (cardio, core, etc) and more. During this coronavirus social distancing, Michigan required most places to close so many fitness studios are shifting to live stream options with minimal or no fees. I’m loving my local yoga studio short videos on yoga practices and meditation (perfect for managing anxiety!). My Zumba instructor is also offering live stream classes and my trainer is hosting online personal training in your own home (via video of course!).

Video games. There are some fun video games that keep you moving. One of my favorites is Just Dance – lots of cool moves and good music to energize and make you sweat!

What ideas do you have for exercises to do alone? There are many creative opportunities to stay active when you need to practice social distancing. It was admittedly difficult for me at times during chemo but it passed. This way of life through the coronavirus will pass too. Hang in there, friends.

*The activity links are not affiliate links. I’m simply sharing options you may enjoy and helping these small businesses during a challenging time. As with anything, check with your doctor before starting a health program.

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