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How your vote fights cancer

The stark reality is public policy often plays a role in whether someone lives or dies from cancer in the United States. That’s why it’s so important to know how your vote fights cancer. Keep reading to learn how you can use your voice for positive change.

My passion for cancer advocacy

As a bone cancer, melanoma and breast cancer survivor, I know that preventive screenings, cancer research and affordable access to care help ensure I’m still alive. My younger sister is a cancer survivor. And new treatment options gave us six more years with my dad after a multiple myeloma diagnosis. My family is one of millions that benefit from cancer advocacy efforts.

That’s why I’m committed to keeping cancer fighting issues in front of our legislators. Lawmakers MUST understand the enormous role they play in ending this disease impacting over 1.9 million Americans EVERY YEAR.

Every vote matters

Learn how your vote fights cancer

The reality is, like it or not, our elected officials play a large role in these areas because they work on legislation that supports, or contradicts, issues such as the fight against cancer. Not all legislators fully support funding for research, ensuring access to affordable care, clinical trials and all the other issues that can help end cancer. Surprising but true. It’s not a priority to them (I’ve been told this by legislators). But because the U.S. is still a democracy and my female ancestors fought for my right to vote, I have a voice in these issues and those elected. You do too. Your vote can help in the fight against cancer. Check out my previous post for three quick ways your vote helps fight cancer.

Knowing how candidates running for elected office stand on healthcare issues before you vote is vital. This helps you better choose someone who will help advance issues important to you, such as cancer fighting issues.

This year I’m volunteering with American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) on Cancer Votes. This is a non-partisan opportunity to ask candidates running for elected office how they stand on cancer fighting issues. In 2022, those issues include:
❤️saving lives through cancer research
❤️access to affordable, quality healthcare
❤️equity in clinical trials

Visit for more information and learn how you can get involved.

Stay focused on fighting cancer

Politics can be frustrating and bring out varying reactions. So does cancer. But when we keep the focus on fighting this disease, we accomplish great things together.

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