I choose gratitude for another year

Wow, another year is coming to a close. 2021 brought mixed feelings, didn’t it? It started with so much hope that the pandemic would come to an end, thanks to vaccines and other science advancements, morphed into WTF is wrong with people and is ending with….well, that was interesting. But through all of the ups and downs, I choose gratitude for another year on this planet.

Focusing on my word of the year: Choose

Today I choose gratitude for another year

This year I selected CHOOSE as my word of the year. The goal was to make choices that bring joy, love, ease, abundance, adventures and more positivity into my life. There were certainly moments that tested that goal, between the ongoing pandemic, craziness in society, a few side effects from cancer treatment and more. However, I stay focused on how I could choose to be part of the solution, help others, take care of me and embrace the possibilities and positive in every day life.

Today I choose gratitude for another year

As a three-time cancer survivor, I chose to protect my health this year. I’ve trusted science to save my life during cancer, so I chose to trust science by gratefully getting the Covid-19 vaccine (and booster). Choosing to protect my health from this serious virus brought hard choices to sometimes skip activities or time with friends and family. Choosing my health also brought surprising and disappointing reactions from family and friends, accusing me of living in fear or overreacting, rather than support and understanding (I’ve learned these accusations are typically reflections of their emotions, not mine). But still I chose me.

I also chose to embrace joys in life. I discovered new routes on a bike, met new friends on the hiking trail. Traveling to new places (following Covid protocols to stay safe) renewed my sense of adventure and desire to explore the world around me. I read a ton of books, started practicing barre and yoga workouts, and proudly grew a little garden of my favorite fresh vegetables.

Choosing to focus on possibilities

And I discovered that choosing to step back from activities and others gave me time to focus on other projects. I’m working on some updates and new plans for this blogging space plus other exciting projects launching in the new year.

One such project was born during breast cancer treatment two years ago. While I felt so shattered by that diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I knew I could overcome it. And I’ve learned that you often can’t control much during cancer treatment, however, you can always control your attitude. In any situation. So I began asking myself what attitude I would choose that day. “Today I choose….” became my mantra. And that’s a sneak peek into the new motivational series coming soon (check out my picture for another sneak peek. I’m so excited for this! Stay tuned.)!

The funniest part? I truly didn’t realize the connection to my 2021 word of the year and my theme. DUH. But when I did see the connection? It made me smile SO big and know this is the right path. I mean if that isn’t the universe showing me the way, I don’t know what is. Did I mention that I’m so excited?!

Overall, I choose gratitude for another year on this planet. So very grateful that I continue to hear ‘no sign of cancer’ and, even with side effects from cancer treatment, my body remains strong and healthy. That will always be my grounding and reminder to stay focused on the positive and what truly matters.

Time to celebrate a new year

And now I’m on to celebrate the new year as I know there will be so many great choices to embrace in this life. I’m going to choose to focus on the simple joys that make me smile, the people who warm my heart, the possibilities this beautiful life offers to me.

What’s one thing (or many) you loved about 2021? Any plans or goals for the new year? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “I choose gratitude for another year

  1. I am thankful for getting to spend a few days with you and some new friends in Ohio this summer!
    Grateful to be blessed with two new grandchildren! Total now Five!
    Blessed to have a wonderful wife and family!
    Thanks for reminding us to look around at what we have and all that is Good!

    1. I love all of the positivity shared, Nick! Congrats on your grandchildren and your blessings. And I am equally grateful for the fun time with you this summer. Cheers to a great new year!

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