I committed to 100 days of movement

Bathing suit season. Looking good for others. In competition with others. Trying to keep up with others. None of these reasons are why I committed to 100 days of movement. No, I made this commitment because I respect and appreciate my body. And plan to enjoy life with it for many more decades (aiming for at least 50 more years!).

I want my body to be able to move in the next day, week, month, decade. Not just move but feel good. Strong, happy, ease, healthy.

At the beginning of May, I committed to 100 days of movement, which includes at least 15 minutes of activity each day. I picked 15 minutes because it’s doable. Even on ‘busy’ days. If I must break it into five-minute blocks, so be it. The point is that my body will be active in some form for at least 15 minutes.

The thing is that it’s pretty easy to move your body daily. Especially if you don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking about a long workout or doing it all at once. And that’s made it easier to commit to the 100 days of movement.

The good news is that I often get to 15 minutes of movement (you probably do too without realizing it!) and then think ‘I can do five more minutes.’ Then maybe five more.

It’s still early in the countdown to 100, but I believe in myself. 🙂

Why am I committing to 100 days of movement?

I, of course, will never forget that I cleared three cancers. (That’s kind of a ‘duh’ statement, right? I don’t think anyone can ever forget the trauma and intensity of clearing cancer.). My body has endured a LOT, between chemo, radiation, surgeries and more. My first time with bone cancer was over 25 years ago! The most recent, breast cancer, was five years ago. I don’t plan to EVER face cancer again (hear that, universe?!).

So I want to keep my body strong and healthy. I want it to feel loved, cherished, appreciated. And I want it to be able to do all the fun activities that I enjoy and the many more I want to learn.

I love my body.

I’m grateful for my body, especially the resilience of this amazing vessel after so many bumps in our health journey.

From clearing three cancers to recovering from multiple surgeries to managing side effects from cancer treatment to navigating surgical menopause, my body is truly a gift. And I want to honor that gift by taking care of it. I have plans that include me living another 50 years!

While I try to be healthy in my everyday life, I admittedly can do better most days. I’m trying to better my nutrition and incorporate practices to better support my mental health goals.

But I don’t beat myself up when I acknowledge I can do better. I simply acknowledge it. Then try to do better.

Key notes on this commitment for 100 days of movement:

  • I’m not limiting myself to a specific activity. Variety is more fun! And truthfully I enjoy too many activities to limit myself to just one type.
  • I won’t get mad or berate myself if I miss a day (although I’m trying really hard not to miss!). Life happens. I’m not into beating myself up. I’m working too hard on treating myself with kindness to be anything less. Plus, does negative self-talk really push us to our goals? I personally don’t think so! [Check out my post on body love affirmations.]
  • In mentioning my commitment to friends, several others have joined me! Even if they’re on different timing for their 100 days of movement, we’re still able to support each other.

A few examples of how I’m moving my body:

  • Neighborhood walks
  • Yoga practice
  • Stretching my muscles
  • Barre workout
  • Hiking with friends
  • Bike rides
  • Online workouts (I subscribe to Beachbody/BODI, which has thousands of workouts to choose from, including many 5, 10, 15-minute workouts)

Can you commit to movement too?

I committed to 100 days of movement. Would you like to join me? You don’t have to commit to 100 days! Even a few times a week is a beautiful start and commitment. Share in the comments how you can commit to being active. Or what goal would you like to set?

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