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New year, new hopes, new journey

What?! It’s time to flip the calendar page on a new year? I seriously feel like this new year flew upon us too quickly. How about you? I admit that I’m usually ready for the fun and hope of a new blank year. While of course the striking of midnight doesn’t wipe a slate clean or magically reset a situation, just the simple idea of something new makes me pause to reflect on where I am now in life and what else I might want to achieve and where to focus my attention. Where will life lead me? Where will I be guided? What else is possible? it’s all kind of exciting to think of this year as full of hope, new potential, love, opportunities, adventures and more!

Some might set resolutions, goals, actions. I certainly have some goals and plans that I like to set to keep me focused, however, I’m also open to tweaking those goals as needed. We all know that life sometimes takes us down a surprising, unfamiliar path that can lead to new, beautiful places and people.

Last year, I chose to focus on words – Love, Joy, Laughter (read that blog). They served me well as I stayed aware of what situations brought those into my life. It helped me turn problems into possibilities, take chances on love and life, and say yes to things I might have otherwise paused. I decided to keep these words as my main focus on 2019. I also set some broad focal points to keep me motivated and inspired.

Love. I’m aware of what I want in a relationship – kindness, flexibility, fun, adventure, ease, contentment, laughter, support….these are what I seek in all of my relationships – with friends and a significant other. I want a guy who can be decisive and communicative in letting me know how he feels. No guessing games or games at all. I’ve been through enough in my life, from cancer to relationships to all the greatness and adventures, to be ready for real love, a partner. I’m hopeful and ready to receive it with open arms and heart in this new year.

Travel. Years ago I made a commitment to travel some place every month, even an overnight up north (northern Michigan for my non-mitten friends). I stayed with that commitment for several year, then for random reasons, I let silly life slip into my plans. So for 2019, my plan is go back to some sort of monthly getaway, even a day trip to somewhere new. I love exploring new places to learn something new, see local sites and meet people. I also enjoy visiting familiar places as I always seem to find something new when looking.

Career. I feel as if I’m at a pivotal point of ‘figuring out’ my career. I enjoy my full time job in the communications field and see myself there for a bit longer, however, am open to all opportunities and possibilities. I love using my writing abilities and skills to help other cancer survivors and people in general so I’d like to do more with that. I also have been dabbling with freelance PR/marketing to help nonprofits and small businesses and definitely see myself doing more in the new year.

Health. Having good health is always a focus. I pray for good health everyday. I’ve learned from being a cancer survivor I can not always control my health, however, I can control my reaction. I am going to take anything that shows up in my life as a possibility to something better, asking how does this better? It keeps me focused on the positive outcomes rather than problems. I plan to continue to be active in biking, hiking, Zumba and more. I want to explore the woods where I connect with nature and am most grounded, and push myself when on my bike where I feel empowered and strong. I love feeling the strength and courage of my body and mind, and never take for granted my ability to move.

More supporting, less judging. As I learn to become a better version of myself (a continuous work in progress no doubt), I’ve become more aware of behavior, thoughts, emotions and actions. I sometimes catch myself listening to or even responding to someone’s not so nice commentary on someone not present, then later think ‘where did that come from?’ Trust me, I don’t love everyone I encounter. There are many people who try to wear a kind front while being an attention-seeking, competitive, energy suck. I pick and choose who gets my energy and attention, and self-serving people don’t get any. I won’t apologize for that. In a world where social media, conversations and elsewhere can be mean, bullying, unkind or judgemental, I’m setting the bar for myself to rise above all of it and be more supportive of others, even those I don’t know, having courage to speak up and give more smiles and hugs.

So these are some of my goals and intentions for next year. As I mentioned, not much changed from this year as these are main pieces of my life that I’m always focusing on to bring positive energy.

What are some of your goals, wishes, intentions? Share in the comment section to inspire and motivate! I hope this new year brings you SO much joy, love, success, amazing health and adventures.

6 thoughts on “New year, new hopes, new journey

  1. I love your goals, they are so sensible! Career is a funny one, I feel like we’ll never know if we are on the right path but having self awareness of your goals and future plans is so important rather than getting in a rut. Wishing you all the best for 2019! Melis X

    1. I agree with career being an interesting action plan….definitely don’t want to get into a rut so I keep it on the radar. 🙂 Best of luck to you too this year!

  2. Lovely post and perspectives! Personal growth via self-awareness is a huge goal of my. I pursue it every day! Thanks for this great post! Many blessings and best wishes on your endeavors!

  3. Awesome goals! I have somewhat similar goals. I’ve not thought about travelling this year. For me it’s mostly going to be health, writing, and to grow as a person. All the best!

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