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One important lesson learned from cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can teach you many valuable lessons, if you’re open to receiving those. As an osteosarcoma, melanoma and breast cancer survivor, I try to look for the positive outcomes from the hard obstacles I’ve faced. One important lesson learned from cancer treatment is to appreciate this day, today’s moments.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer and have to go through treatment, you often get in a mindset of focusing on getting it done, the end of treatment. Of course you do! We want to finish this horrible treatment as fast as possible and get on with the rest of our lives. After clearing three cancers, I can attest that I’ve had many countdowns on my calendar! Staying focused on ‘the end’ of treatment can definitely help keep you motivated and your spirits up.

Living for today

But I also realized that focusing so much on the future made me miss out on TODAY. The simple moments to enjoy. Sunshine, laughter, appreciation of time with family and friends, living life. And living life, ensuring more time to live my life to enjoy all these moments, was the purpose of going through treatment! And I was ignoring these moments. Not intentionally, but I wasn’t living for today.

This big shift in my thoughts and perspective honestly changed my attitude and outlook for the better. Staying in the moment of a phone call with a friend, watching the birds play, reading a book, biking, laughing with my nieces and nephew, enjoying fresh air…. all of this was my ‘why’ for living. And it brings a renewed sense of ease to even the tough days of treatment and life.

I still did my countdown of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It was empowering to cross off another completed one! But I made sure to celebrate each day and be more in the moments of living life.

I encourage you to do the same, whether in treatment or not. Make plans for the future but also be sure to stay focused on today. Find the beauty in each day, even if you have to look through the darkness [check out this blog post for simple reasons to celebrate life]. For this ‘today’ perspective helps make those dark moments bearable, highlighting the light and joyous moments. And this can help us welcome new possibilities.

This is just one important lesson learned from cancer treatment for me. I’m sure you have many of your own, whether facing cancer or simply walking through this wonderful thing called life. Remember that we only get one life. So my advice: Choose today. Celebrate every day.

Share below a moment that brought you joy today!

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