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One of my cycling goals (announcement)

Hi friends! You all probably have caught on by now that I love my road bike, Ruby. I’ve experienced much confidence, joy, pride, courage and determination since purchasing the bike more than a year ago. I love the sense of freedom I feel while riding, meeting new people, pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone, increasing confidence in my body and my left leg that all too often causes me to hesitate for fear of hurting it (my leg with the titanium rod, not my bike. Although, I worry about hurting Ruby too), and the adventures I’ve been so fortunate to experience.

Anywho, I’m always ready for more adventures. I’m planning to participate in a few local (metro Detroit/Michigan) rides, but I also wanted something big to focus on to help motivate my riding. Last year, I trained a lot to ride across Iowa with Team LIVESTRONG, which ended up being one of the greatest accomplishments for me, as a bone cancer survivor, cancer advocate and newbie cyclist. I’m excited to share one of my cycling goals for this year (I have a few but this will be the BIG one because of the time, miles and commitment). Learn what it is below (and this is my first video EVER posted to this blog, recorded spur of the moment while I was sweating on Ruby….so, you know, don’t judge!).

If you would to support our ride that raises funds for programs and services for people facing cancer, please click here (and thank you!).

What fun plans to do you have for the summer?

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