ONEHOPE wines raise a glass to charities

When my girlfriend and I were trying to decide on a weekend for me to visit her in Ohio, she mentioned that she was hosting a wine tasting party, wondering if I would be interested in attending. Um, yes. I love wine tasting events, and trying to new wines.

I was already intrigued by this wine tasting event, which I knew would feature ONEHOPE wines, which she represents. My friend, Carla, first mentioned ONEHOPE wines last summer while we were biking across Iowa with Team LIVESTRONG. Carla is an amazing cyclist, incredibly kind woman, great friend and passionate about helping others. She lost her husband to cancer a few years ago and LIVESTRONG became dear to her heart, like mine. We’re both excited to return to Iowa this July to ride RAGBRAI again to raise funds to benefit LIVESTRONG’s programs and services for people facing cancer (well, she’s probably more excited than me at this time because I really need to start riding my bike!).

Anywho, Carla joined ONEHOPE because she enjoys drinking good wine and loves to support charities. She selected LIVESTRONG as her charity of choice with her business. You all know that I’m a big supporter and advocate for charities that make a difference in the world. We all need to do our part in making the world a better, kinder, more helpful place. Tying business capitalism to social responsibility always intrigues me.

ONEHOPE was founded in 2007 by “a team of young social entrepreneurs who believe that some of the world’s greatest problems can be solved by approaching the problem differently.” The new buzz words, cause entrepreneur or social entrepreneurship, connect capitalism with doing good in the community and greater world. So these friends bought a vineyard located near Rutherford, California, in the heart of Napa Valley, to produce wine with a purpose. They have their own wine-making team, earning multiple medals.

Each bottle of ONEHOPE wine benefits a specific charity or cause. For example, every bottle of the California Rose’ sold educates 50 women on their risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer, while every case of a reserve Riesling funds six weeks of a child’s literacy education through Room to Read. Since its founding, ONEHOPE has made an impact in many areas – more than 53,000 animal adoptions, more than 101,000 trees have been planted in global restoration projects, over 4,200 people provided with clean drinking water, 1,139 Alzheimer’s studies funded, 18,400 women included in breast cancer clinical trials, and more.

ONEHOPE recruits people to host events to sell their wide variety of wines while also raising funds for charities. As with similar companies, sellers of the wine (or cause entrepreneur as ONEHOPE titles them) also earn an income from party sales.  If you host a party through a ONEHOPE representative, 10% of event sales are donated to your charity of choice.

In addition to individual bottles of wine, there are some cute themed gift boxes, including birthday, celebrations, baby, dog or cat lovers, grilling, and more. The company has also expanded out to include coffees, food products and gift ideas.

I thought the variety of ONEHOPE wines that I sampled was flavorful. I like that the wine sales support charities and that people can raise funds for charities special to them. It’s a win-win to me.

If you would like to learn more and check out ONEHOPE wines (21 and over please), visit Carla’s store by clicking here.


Note: I am not affiliated with ONEHOPE. This review reflects my own views and opinions.

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  1. I am honored .. and ONEHOPE can only be enhanced by this amazing review.. Thank you Heather for attending our event..

    1. Thank YOU for all that you do for LIVESTRONG and other charities. Your heart is big and I’m grateful for you. xx

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