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  • Today I Choose products promote inspiration
    I am SO EXCITED to share this special news – my Today I Choose products are now available! The Today I Choose products share affirmation messages to remind you that you can choose your attitude to bring ease, joy, courage – whatever you may need today and every day! The Today I Choose series is
  • This very special cycling jersey
    It’s an honor to share this very special cycling jersey with you. It’s a culmination of my journey of clearing three cancers, my family’s resilience when three of us faced cancer, a dedicated organization supporting those facing cancer AND celebrating life. Keep reading to learn more about this very special cycling jersey. A few weeks
  • 4 tips to get started volunteering
    Volunteering is an incredible way of helping others and supporting your community and neighbors. You may want to help others but unsure where to volunteer. In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, here are 4 tips to get started volunteering. The importance of paying it forward I’m a big believer that volunteering gets people out
  • Resources for young adult cancer survivors
    There is no good time to be diagnosed with cancer. Every stage of life is a big deal full of learning opportunities and so many possibilities. Being diagnosed with bone cancer at 21 was especially startling to me. Young adults are often ‘lost’ in the between stage of teens and adults. When I was diagnosed
  • One important lesson learned from cancer treatment
    A cancer diagnosis and treatment can teach you many valuable lessons, if you’re open to receiving those. As an osteosarcoma, melanoma and breast cancer survivor, I try to look for the positive outcomes from the hard obstacles I’ve faced. One important lesson learned from cancer treatment is to appreciate this day, today’s moments. When you’re
  • Four benefits of being active in nature
    Nature is one of my favorite places to spend time. During my cancer treatments, I often escaped to the outdoors as it helped relax and motivate me. It provides so many great things to us. Keep reading to learn four benefits of being active in nature. Nature refreshes my soul I’ve always been a child
  • I’m biking across Iowa to fight cancer
    My year to CELEBRATE is off to a great start! One great reason is that I’m joining some dear friends on a fun bike ride to raise funds for Livestrong’s cancer support programs. Read on to learn why I’m biking across Iowa to fight cancer. A year of celebrations This year, I celebrate 25 years
  • 4 cold capping facts to save your hair during chemo
    When I cleared my third cancer three years ago, I cold capped to save my hair during chemotherapy. It was a wonderful gift. I get asked a lot of questions about cold cap therapy so I wanted to share 4 cold capping facts to save your hair during chemo. Hopefully these quick facts will help
  • A young woman’s promise
    Three years ago today I started chemotherapy for my third cancer. It was heart-shattering. Scary, anxious, frustrating. What got me through it? A young woman’s promise almost 25 years ago. Juggling treatment….and opinions My initial diagnosis of early stage breast cancer didn’t include chemotherapy. However, after my lumpectomy and discussion of other scenarios, adding four rounds
  • Taking care of your body after cancer
    Almost three years ago I started chemotherapy to clear my third cancer. It wasn’t the first time that poison pumped through my veins to fight an ugly disease. Twenty-five years ago, I went through 13 months of intense chemo treatment for bone cancer. One of the most valuable lessons cancer taught me? You only get