Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award

Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award recipient
Honored to receive a Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award

WOW! I’m so humbled, honored and grateful to learn I was selected for the Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award from Alpha Chi Omega!

This award “honors Alpha Chi Omegas who are working toward their dreams….to become the best versions of themselves. They are doing great things across the globe and down the street as difference makers, risk takers and dream chasers. These women are breaking barriers and innovating in their careers and their communities.”

Wow! So….I made it into this category (blushing over here, feeling so honored and grateful).

Living as a real strong woman

I am one of five women to receive the Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award this year. Unbeknownst to me, one of my local sorority sisters and good friend nominated me. You can read the article here.

I joined Alpha Chi Omega in college, where I met some of my dearest friends and learned the value and importance of surrounding myself with strong, kind, amazing women who help each other succeed and enjoy life. When I was diagnosed with bone cancer just three months shy of graduating college, many of these sisters were constant cheerleaders and shoulders of support during those challenging days. I became active in my alumnae chapter and have met so many Alpha Chi sisters along this life journey, sometimes in the most random places. In fact, one of my Livestrong teammates and friends is an AXO from Iowa! We’ll be biking across Iowa together soon.

Our sorority’s tagline, Real.Strong.Women., resonates strong with me. Especially as I’ve faced so much through life. The powerful words motivate me in the good times, and push me to rise and move forward during the challenges.

The impact of every day actions

“I share my story to show that my focus on living beyond cancer is my way of living life on my own terms….here I am – strong, vibrant, healthy, throwing my arms open to life and embracing every day. Because I am a real, strong woman.”

From my Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award article
Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction award

I won this award in part for my work in fighting cancer and my outlook on life as a three-time cancer survivor, which is very touching. Because if I’m being honest I never set out to inspire or motivate people. I simply wanted to survive and thrive beyond cancer. Living has been my focus. I am blessed to be here and plan to make the most of it.

But if I can be a resource and example that helps even one person, I am honored and grateful. I promised myself during my first diagnosis 25 years ago that when I survived the disease, I would seek joy in each day, learn to be brave so I could stand with other brave souls willing to change the world for the better, be willing to BE the change when needed, and most importantly, I wouldn’t take one day for granted. [Read “A young woman’s promise”]

Let’s change the world together

I’m sharing this because I hope it shows you that YOUR every day actions can help others. People see your behavior and action – I urge you to choose those actions that make a positive difference in our world. It takes so little to make a positive impact. Trust me, it’s easy. And yet, those simple, kind actions can resonate out into the world, making it a better place for you, me and so many others. I truly believe this. I hope you do too.

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