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Ringing the bell after chemo ends

It’s DONE! I finished chemotherapy!

Ringing the bell after the final chemo infusion!

This isn’t a long, deep post. It’s simply a post to say THANK YOU for the kind messages, comments, thoughts, prayers and more though my chemo treatment. I’m thrilled it’s done and praying the side effects are minimal next week and my body slowly feels stronger. I still have a few weeks of radiation starting next month but I’m celebrating each step. Chemo is major step to pass and has been the one that has tested my strength and motivation. But it is DONE.

Final cold cap therapy session.

I’m grateful that I have hair left after four harsh doses of toxic chemo. My hair is still shedding more than I hoped and know the chemo needs to cycle through over the next few weeks. I pray regrowth starts really soon and my hair starts to feel normal again (please feel free to send prayers, positive vibes, whatever you have to share!). But I have hair, when I otherwise would not, thanks to cold capping (check out my previous blog posts here on cold cap therapy for chemo patients).

Thank you again for your support and kindness. I’m so glad you are hanging out with me.

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