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Sharing my LIVESTRONG voice

There are millions of amazing, inspiring stories in the cancer community, including many of you reading this. It makes it more humbling and an honor for me to be invited to share my cancer survivor story on the LIVESTRONG blog.

You can read my story on their blog here. On a side note, I had to edit my story twice because I “forgot” to write that I’m a three-time cancer survivor. This third diagnosis is still so surreal. Even though I still have to go through surgery and radiation, I feel like I’ve cleared it from my energy and emotions. It’s been such a reminder of how we can control our thoughts, emotions and reactions to situations, good and bad.

Thank you for the many kind comments and messages via this blog and my Instagram and Twitter pages on my latest sharing of breast cancer showing up (read my last blog for that news). You have no idea how much it helps and how many smiles appeared as I read the comments. I truly appreciate the support.

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