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Skincare tips during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can cause numerous side effects. Our skin can especially be sensitive. Knowing how to care for your skin and being aware of products can help. Keep reading for skincare tips during cancer treatment.

I’ve had sensitive skin my entire life. I even develop itchy rashes with adhesives (band-aids, surgical strips) and certain soaps and sunscreens (even all natural!)! When I went through chemo for bone cancer and then again for breast cancer, my skin became so dry and sensitive. Radiation also made my skin dry and a bit red. I had to be faithful about moisturizing throughout the day to keep my skin from cracking and peeling. And I changed up my skincare routine to ensure gentle care. I learned a lot of skincare tips during cancer treatment, many I continue daily today!

Skincare tips during cancer treatment

Drink water. Staying hydrated during cancer treatment (and every day life!) is important for many factors. Water helps your skin stay hydrated, plus can help with digestion, joints, regulate your body temperature and more! Avoid or limit alcohol or caffeine, which can dehydrate you.

Wash your face daily. Keeping your skin clean with a gentle, scent-free cleanser is helpful, especially if you wear makeup.

Check your skincare products. Use gentle, scent-free, alcohol-free products, such as moisturizers, cleansers and soaps.

skincare tips during cancer treatment

Don’t skimp on sunscreen. Treatments, such as radiation, and medications can make you prone to sunburns. [Read Five Sun Safety Tips.]

Be gentle when touching your skin. Try not to scratch, rub or scrub your skin. Washcloths can be rough on skin so if your skin is feeling sensitive, use your hands or gently pat with washcloth when washing (and pat with a towel to dry).

Don’t make it hot. Use lukewarm or cool water temperatures when bathing.

Let your skin breath. Wear loose fitting cloths so sweat and heat don’t build up.

Moisture liberally. Keep your skin hydrated! Applying moisturizer when it’s a little damp helps it absorb better.

Care for all skin types

My good friend and fellow cancer survivor sent me a care package of natural skincare products when I started chemo for breast cancer. I fell in love with the hand lotion, skin calming balm, overnight peel (my skin is amazingly soft in the morning!) and moisturizers (the eye creams are also pretty great at helping with puffiness, which treatment can definitely cause!). Loved them so much that I continue to use in my every day skincare routine. You can check out Beautycounter’s natural skincare line here. New customers can receive 30% OFF their first order by using code CLEANFORALL30 at checkout (this is a limited time discount through February!).

Be proactive with your skincare

Of course if you develop cracking, rash, itching or other symptoms during treatment, be sure to tell your doctor right away!

How do you keep your skin healthy and calm during cancer treatment and beyond? Share any other tips below!

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