Speaker/Presenter Information

Heather has spoken at events across the country, including fundraisers, graduations, cancer survivor events, advocacy programs, business workshops, school events and more. She’s led sessions and programs relating to sharing your cancer story, communication strategies and community involvement. Learn more about Heather’s background here

Please contact Heather to discuss custom topics and presentations that best fit your needs. 

Some sample speech and workshop topics include:

Today I Choose: As a three-time cancer survivor, Heather has faced many challenges. And while a cancer journey often feels like life is out of control, knowing she could choose her attitude helped her focus on the good in each day. Because she believes that there is always something good in each day, no matter how small it may be. This keynote or workshop presentation focuses on motivation and understanding that managing your attitude through the ups and downs of life is possible. Heather weaves personal stories and inspiration with tips and tactics to help others learn how to focus on turning problems into possibilities and stay grounded in chaotic times. 

Overcoming adversity: Lessons and motivation from a three-time cancer survivor.

Advocacy: A variety of angles can be presented to a group, such as building an advocacy program, recruiting volunteers to your advocacy program, advocacy efforts in a virtual world. 

How to share your story with impact: This workshop presentation offers tips for honing (personal or business) stories to help make an impact in advocacy, raising awareness of a specific topic and more. Multiple tactics are discussed for reaching the best audiences to make an impact.

Social media tips and tricks: Help your employees and/or volunteers understand and how to use social media. This workshop outlines easy to use tactics to help promote your goals. 

Volunteer recruitment and retention: Nonprofits rely on volunteers to help offer programs, services, events and more. Creating an appealing volunteer program is important. And, of course, keeping these volunteers involved needs an engaging program. Simple yet effective retention and recognition programs can help retain valuable volunteers.