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Celebrating 20 years of life after cancer

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that my 20-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis occurs in May. I usually celebrate my cancer anniversary as the day I finished treatment, free from hospitals, chemo and the terrifying weight of that disease (there’s still a weight but different than going through treatment). Recognizing my diagnosis

A look back at life advice from Dad

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, I thought I would re-post a blog I wrote a few years ago about some life advice my dad shared before he died from multiple myeloma. I am blessed to have experienced his love and guidance for as many years as I did. I still miss him every minute

Life advice from Dad

Tomorrow is a special anniversary for it will be 16 years since I walked out of the hospital finished with chemo and ready to face the world as a cancer survivor. I was terrified, relieved, excited, hopeful, anxious. 2 Sixteen years later I still feel those emotions on a regular basis. Finishing treatment for cancer