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10 books worth reading

I love to read and am a self-declared book nerd. I don’t have a favorite genre as I move across the spectrum, depending on my mood and what’s available to read (although I tend to avoid scary, murder-filled, graphic books because my imagination is much too vivid to simply forget the descriptions as I fall

Favorite children’s books (chosen by children)

2 March is one of my favorite months. The weather is starting to turn from cold, dreary winter to warming temps (with a few more cold, dreary days. Sigh.). My sister and niece would say that March ranks as one of my favorite months because it’s their birthday month! While all of this is wonderful,

The adventures in my favorite childhood books

I love books. I love the feel and smell of the paper. I love the adventures I can find within the pages, hidden stories waiting to be discovered and new characters to meet. I get overwhelmed at times in libraries and book stores (although some of my favorite places) because there are so many choices,