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Why we need one voice against cancer

Unless you don’t own a television, aren’t on social media (or the Internet) or perhaps live under a rock, chances are that you’re aware of the hot topic of health care. As a cancer survivor, it’s a topic dear to my heart as I’m most likely affected, as well as more than 16 million other

We should all speak up for others

This post is a little out of the ordinary from what I typically share, but it’s something I believe to be important so bear with me. I joined a sorority when I was in college. While the Greek system has its stereotypes, and admittedly some groups live up to those, I didn’t party nonstop with

Shop local on Small Business Saturday

2 There is always much hoopla surrounding Black Friday, especially lately as retailers creep their sales into Thanksgiving or even start “pre-Black Friday” sales as I saw last week. There’s nothing wrong with shopping on Black Friday – my mom, sisters and I have done our fair share of shopping and lunch outings on the