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Face to face with dinosaurs at Cranbrook

Justin and I took advantage again of Cranbrook Institute of Science’s special free first Friday program. We were happy our friends came with us to explore the natural history and science museum. While we enjoyed wandering the entire institute, our main interest was checking out the new exhibit, Dinosaurs: The Lost World, which opened in

Exploring stars, bats, oceans and more at Cranbrook Institute of Science

As you might be able to tell from previous posts, my husband and I are supporters of arts and culture in communities. We enjoy visiting museums, gardens, and anything historic. So we were happy to have a recent plan-free Friday evening to visit Cranbrook Institute of Science (CIS) in Bloomfield Hills. Even happier that admission

Fun family activities during winter break

The winter blahs seem to be upon many of us. Despite spring still being several weeks away, there is plenty to do in these colder months. And with school breaks starting to approach, it dawned on me that there are many fun activities to do as a family while waiting for the warmer temps and trees

Visiting Faberge’ at the Detroit Institute of Arts

I was really excited for Justin and my latest adventure – a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts. We talked about going for months, especially after the August art millage that lets residents from Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties into the museum for free. Our interest only increased when the Faberge’: The Rise and Fall

Activities to keep you busy in metro Detroit (for free!)

Now that our wedding is over, our new focus is selling our two houses and finding a new home that comfortably merges two households. That means saving money is a priority so I’ve been pinching pennies and dimes when possible. You know I’m serious about saving when visits to Starbucks are down to once per

Awesome Autumn activities in southeast Michigan

I recently went to Michaels to look for some last-minute wedding decorations and was happily surprised to see many fall decorations (although I guess I shouldn’t be since Halloween and Christmas decorations also lined some shelves!). Autumn is quickly approaching. It’s actually my favorite Michigan season. Leaves changing bring vibrant colors to yards and communities.

Art and culture of our lives

If you live in Michigan, you are blessed to have a multitude of arts and cultural institutions available. It amazes me how many people aren’t aware of these treasures or just aren’t interested in going. So many kids, and even adults, are enraptured with technology, video games and computers. They prefer these items to the

A woman walks into a car dealership….

I’m not a car person. Yes, I drive one. Yes, I live in the Motor City. Yes, I can appreciate a nice-looking vehicle. But don’t ask me about engines, horsepower or much related to how a car actually works. Please. I just don’t care much. It’s my way of keeping mechanics employed. And I can