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Honored to be a LIVESTRONG Leader

The best year ever is kicking off on a good note! I am honored, excited and proud to share that I was chosen to serve as a LIVESTRONG Leader in the new year. Leaders are volunteers from around the world who help strengthen LIVESTRONG’s mission, messages, and programs and services in local communities (and online).

The adventures in my favorite childhood books

I love books. I love the feel and smell of the paper. I love the adventures I can find within the pages, hidden stories waiting to be discovered and new characters to meet. I get overwhelmed at times in libraries and book stores (although some of my favorite places) because there are so many choices,

The sweetness of maple syrup festivals

The beginning of March is usually the kick off to many maple syrup festivals throughout southeast Michigan. Despite the snow still covering the ground and the colder than normal temps, many parks, nature centers and science museums are still on tap for their events. When I worked at Cranbrook Institute of Science, the annual Maple

The season of giving to charities

The end of the year brings the holidays, parties, shopping, decorating and trimming the Christmas tree. It also is the time of year that charities focus on year-end donations. Giving USA shares that total charitable giving in the United States reached more than $298.4 billion in 2011. Individuals contributed 73 percent of that amount. 2

How a tree was painted on a city’s wall

A few weeks ago my oldest niece and I had a long conversation about life’s challenges. My niece was going through a rough patch. Life can sometimes do that to teens, as it does for adults too. I reminded her that she is beautiful, talented, funny, kind, smart and so very loved. Among her talents, she

A night at a real museum

One of the things I’ve always loved about living in southeastern Michigan is the multitude of cultural institutions and attractions available for residents to explore. I’ve touched on some of these great places in previous posts but there is so much more to share. We are so lucky to have these pieces of history open

Art and culture of our lives

If you live in Michigan, you are blessed to have a multitude of arts and cultural institutions available. It amazes me how many people aren’t aware of these treasures or just aren’t interested in going. So many kids, and even adults, are enraptured with technology, video games and computers. They prefer these items to the

Small town school with a big heart

A few weeks ago I learned that a high school classmate was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a sad moment for me. While we haven’t kept in touch very often since high school, it is always sad to hear that someone you know and care about is affected by that frustrating disease. I have very fond