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A few of my favorite things

Barbara Streisand and Maria from the Sound of Music sing about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens as a few of their favorite things. While my husband, family and friends rank as my favorite people in my life, there are some things that bring smiles to my face and warmth to my heart. As

15 lessons I learned from cancer

A few weeks ago I faced a remarkable anniversary. Fifteen years since I walked out of the hospital, finished with my cancer treatment. Some days it feels like more than 15 years; other days it feels like last week. Cancer changed my life in ways I can never put into words or onto paper. When

Wine, chocolate, friends and a moose….a trip to Traverse City

Traverse City has long been one of my favorite getaway spots. My family and I spent many vacations in the northern Michigan town, enjoying the beautiful beaches on Grand Traverse Bay, charming shops, good food and wonderful wineries. 2 Justin and I also enjoy visiting the fun town together, made even better because two of

Small town school with a big heart

A few weeks ago I learned that a high school classmate was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a sad moment for me. While we haven’t kept in touch very often since high school, it is always sad to hear that someone you know and care about is affected by that frustrating disease. I have very fond