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New year, new outlook

2 This new year is kind of a big deal for me. I’m glad to see 2014 fade away as it had more challenges in my personal life than I preferred. So I have expectations and hopes that 2015 will be filled with more happiness, less stress, less tears and more fun. 2 I will

Techniques for a positive life

Between work and life issues that never seem to stop, sometimes the walls seem to press in on me. I’ve recently been focusing on techniques to help channel my positive energy and reduce anxiety and stress. 2 There are many great options to help alleviate stress, focus on positive aspects of life, reduce anxiety and

What I will not do in the new year

It’s already the second full week of the new year and I still need to create my vision board. I guess I’ve been busy having fun the past few weekends to find time to sit down and be creative! As I thought of my visions and goals for 2014, I also started thinking of the

New year, new goals to keep me focused

Well, here it is. Another year. These new years always seem to creep up on me, even though I’m aware this is the cycle every year! One minute I’m enjoying sunshine and summer fun, the next I’m layering clothes to stay warm in the snow and putting up the Christmas tree. 2 While I’m not

Get healthy and have fun…say what??

The first month of 2012 is almost at its end. How many of you made resolutions or set goals related to getting active and in shape? How many of you are keeping those goals? I hope a lot of you raised hands! 2 Staying active and working out have thankfully been part of my lifestyle

New year, new vision = more fun

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? This time of year we’re all thinking about what we want to accomplish in the New Year, to make this a better year for ourselves and our loved ones. How many of us make resolutions and fail to keep any as the year progresses? I’ve certainly fallen victim to