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Alone on the trail – tips for staying safe

I’m loving Michigan’s summer weather, with the sunshine and warm, yet bearable temps. Perfect weather for hiking our local nature trails and biking the many trails (rails to trails, mountain bike and more). I love being outside with family and friends, yet also enjoy some quiet “me” time. Let’s admit it though – these are

Sunrise on top of Haleakala National Park (part 2)

Who sets an alarm clock on vacation?? That was my thought when I set my alarm for 2:30am (why go to bed right?) on the second day of vacation. But we were assured it would be worth it to see the sun rise on top of a mountain. And once again, Maui did not disappoint.

Discovering Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve

I always love discovering hidden gems near me and it was kind of a fluke that I found Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester. A random Google search pulled up the nature center’s program schedule, which included mentions of hiking options. After a more thorough search of their website, I registered my youngest niece and

Preserving nature in Las Vegas (Part 3)

Las Vegas, Nevada is certainly well-known for the casinos, glitzy nightlife, excessive wants and expensive lifestyle. Did you know that Las Vegas means “the meadows” in Spanish? It was named this by explorers who found the springs and meadows surrounding the area. Not too far off the famous Strip are quiet parks, nature preserves and

The sweetness of maple syrup festivals

The beginning of March is usually the kick off to many maple syrup festivals throughout southeast Michigan. Despite the snow still covering the ground and the colder than normal temps, many parks, nature centers and science museums are still on tap for their events. When I worked at Cranbrook Institute of Science, the annual Maple

Hiking through Valley of Fire State Park

Our next adventure took us into the Mojave Desert to Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. The Valley of Fire State Park is 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas, just six miles from Lake Mead. 2 The park consists of approximately 35,000 acres. It gets its colors from the red sandstone that can appear to

Roaming Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, Part 1)

When my husband was offered a short-term work project in Las Vegas, I admit I wasn’t thrilled. However, I was invited to visit on weekends so we decided to make the most of the opportunity. I recently left the cold and snow behind for the city that never sleeps. 2 We decided to rent a

Hiking through history at Cranbrook

By the time November arrives, I usually am retiring my hiking shoes for the year since snow and ice don’t mix well with a titanium femur and knee. I’m pleased that while the cold temps have arrived, the snow and ice are still on the horizon. This gave Justin and me an opportunity to enjoy

Playing at beautiful Ludington State Park

During my family’s recent trip to the west side of Michigan, we spent a day at Ludington State Park. Ludington is approximately 25 minutes from Barothy Lodge, where we were staying for a week. 2 Ludington State Park is a 5,300-acre park located on seven miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. The park is an instant

15 activities cancer taught me I can do

On Thursday, it will be 15 years since I walked out of the hospital, finished with my treatment for bone cancer. The final chemo completed dripping and the rescue drugs flushed my system. I still had some blood transfusions and plenty of tests to complete, but I can vividly recall the warmth of the sun