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Annual family trip returns to beautiful northern Michigan

2 My family recently went on our annual summer trip. I always love these adventures with everyone. We pick a spot in our beautiful home state to explore and enjoy time together. This year we decided to return to one of our favorite spots – Barothy Lodge in Walhalla. 2 We went last year to

Face to face with dinosaurs at Cranbrook

Justin and I took advantage again of Cranbrook Institute of Science’s special free first Friday program. We were happy our friends came with us to explore the natural history and science museum. While we enjoyed wandering the entire institute, our main interest was checking out the new exhibit, Dinosaurs: The Lost World, which opened in

Exploring local kid-friendly trails and nature center

I love being outside and am so happy that my nieces and nephew share the feeling. I’ve taken the two oldest nieces camping and hiking in the past so decided it was time to take the next two on the trails. I picked Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township because it’s one of my favorite

A memorable return to Kentucky Horse Park

If you are a horse lover, you most likely have been to Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, where this four-legged, beautiful creature is on full display for visitors to learn about and fall more in love with. Horses were my first love and filled my life for years. When my husband suggested we stop at

Fun family activities during winter break

The winter blahs seem to be upon many of us. Despite spring still being several weeks away, there is plenty to do in these colder months. And with school breaks starting to approach, it dawned on me that there are many fun activities to do as a family while waiting for the warmer temps and trees

Let’s each do a daily random act of kindness

A trending topic on Twitter this week is #26Acts, which encourages people to do 26 random acts of kindness in honor of those killed last week at Sandy Hook elementary school. An interesting and touching way to honor those who died so senselessly. But why stop at 26 acts? And why did it take those

For the kids who make me laugh & love

We recently celebrated my youngest niece’s fourth birthday, complete with party and presents. Birthdays tend to be celebrations in my family. My parents always made a big deal out of birthdays during childhood – my sisters and I always had birthday parties and even missed a day of school for special milestones, like turning 13.