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Lesson I learned about myself in my Best.Year.Yet.

As we enter the last week of this year, I can’t help but pause to reflect on the year it’s been for me. I labeled 2017 as my Best.Year.Yet, and it certainly brought a lot of hype and lessons throughout the 12 months. I admittedly think (and hope) we can do better so look out

Visiting the John F. Kennedy presidential museum

It’s been several years since I visited Boston, one of my favorite cities. So I was excited to travel to this harbor town last weekend for a conference. I decided to head there a little early to enjoy exploring. 2 Amazing weather greeted me when I arrived mid-morning at the hotel. A seamless check-in to

Photography exhibit lets you explore the world

I love taking pictures. I love capturing moments and memories. I love seeing others’ pictures to view a scene as they do and glimpse their lives. So I was very excited when my husband and I planned a date night that included a visit to Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills. A new exhibit,

End of the year fun plentiful in southeast Michigan

Now that the Christmas rush is past, many of you may be taking a deep relaxing breath and wondering what to do for the remainder of the year. Maybe you’re like me and ready to avoid the shopping malls and stores. Maybe you’re looking for activities to keep the kids busy during school break (as

A holiday walk through historic Meadow Brook Hall

I love history, love learning about and understanding the past, embracing the road that brought us to our family and society. I may not always love the history as it happened but think it’s an important part of what makes us. So I really enjoyed a recent outing to Holiday Walk at Meadow Brook Hall

Hiking through history at Cranbrook

By the time November arrives, I usually am retiring my hiking shoes for the year since snow and ice don’t mix well with a titanium femur and knee. I’m pleased that while the cold temps have arrived, the snow and ice are still on the horizon. This gave Justin and me an opportunity to enjoy

Activities to make sure you enjoy the holidays

I’m not quite ready for the holiday season and cold weather, but I do love the events and activities surrounding the holidays. Metro Detroit comes alive with music, lights and cheer. While the days quickly fill with parties and gatherings with family and friends, I try to fit some community festivities into the calendar too.

Face to face with dinosaurs at Cranbrook

Justin and I took advantage again of Cranbrook Institute of Science’s special free first Friday program. We were happy our friends came with us to explore the natural history and science museum. While we enjoyed wandering the entire institute, our main interest was checking out the new exhibit, Dinosaurs: The Lost World, which opened in

Exploring Grand Rapids Public Museums

Justin and I returned to Grand Rapids last weekend for a special beer release at Founders Brewing Co. and to explore a bit more of the downtown. We arrived to a full house at Founders but found a table to share with two random guys who happened to be from metro Detroit too (small world!).

Exploring stars, bats, oceans and more at Cranbrook Institute of Science

As you might be able to tell from previous posts, my husband and I are supporters of arts and culture in communities. We enjoy visiting museums, gardens, and anything historic. So we were happy to have a recent plan-free Friday evening to visit Cranbrook Institute of Science (CIS) in Bloomfield Hills. Even happier that admission