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Smiles for my dad

I’m so blessed to have amazing people surrounding me in love, especially my mom who has been my biggest protector and supporter since I was born. Yet, there is always a glaring hole in my support system that I can’t help but think of and miss daily. This is a tricky time of year for

41 reasons to love life

2 Birthdays have always been kind of a big deal in my family. My parents made sure every new year was celebrated, particularly the ‘big days’ of turning 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, etc. When I was diagnosed with cancer at 21, birthdays took on a very special meaning and milestone for me, and my

5 things learned from seeing Elizabeth Gilbert

When I learned that Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the very popular Eat, Pray, Love book, was coming to metro Detroit for a seminar, I quickly bought tickets. I enjoyed her memoir about traveling to Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself after a divorce and ‘life meltdown.’ I follow her on Facebook and other social

7 tips to kick those winter blues

If you’re like me, February is about the time of year that I start to get stir crazy in the house and dream of warm, crisp Michigan spring weather when I can start hiking, biking and hanging out on the deck. Although Michigan residents have been VERY fortunate that Mother Nature has looked kindly on

The adventures in my favorite childhood books

I love books. I love the feel and smell of the paper. I love the adventures I can find within the pages, hidden stories waiting to be discovered and new characters to meet. I get overwhelmed at times in libraries and book stores (although some of my favorite places) because there are so many choices,

When life brings you lemons… count your blessings

You may be wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks. I haven’t given up on blogging, nor forgotten about this blog and my faithful followers. Unfortunately Michigan’s winter got the best of me and I slipped and fell on an icy/snowy sidewalk. In my haste to protect my leg (with the titanium rod), I

Why charm bracelets capture my attention

I’m a sucker for sentimental, romance, and anything that invokes positive emotions and memories. That may be why charm bracelets have always had an appeal to me. There are so many styles of bracelets and thousands of charms available. Each charm can hold a special meaning to the wearer, and even the purchaser if it’s

Be a better person to have a better life

I’m a firm believer that every so often one should press pause to take stock of  life. With how fast society makes us move, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what’s important. The past year has had some challenging moments for me. Without going into gory details, I’ve learned about being strong, the

Life advice from Dad

Tomorrow is a special anniversary for it will be 16 years since I walked out of the hospital finished with chemo and ready to face the world as a cancer survivor. I was terrified, relieved, excited, hopeful, anxious. 2 Sixteen years later I still feel those emotions on a regular basis. Finishing treatment for cancer

When life tries to limit you

Almost 17 years ago I had a surgery that replaced the lower part of my femur, knee and upper tibia with titanium. This was in the midst of chemo treatments trying to kill the osteosarcoma that took up residence in my femur. No biggie right? Considering the other option was amputation of my leg, my